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[News] [SOT] Freedom is Fine Capitalism

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Free Is Not Socialism

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| I've had a browser open with a two part series from the site "e-consultancy" 
| for the better part of a month, debating whether or not it's even worth going 
| through this battle again -- but it seems worth it to clear up some serious 
| misconceptions. The first article decries "digital socialism" and the second 
| part goes after the "tyranny of the consumer." This, by itself, seems 
| contradictory. The capitalist free market works thanks to the tyranny of the 
| consumer. That is, the entire reason why the free market works is because 
| consumers have power to move to a competitor -- and that keeps producers 
| in-line. Complaining about consumers getting their way is a rejection of 
| capitalism and the free market, not support for it.          



Environmental and social justice groups unite in support of free software

,----[ Quote ]
| Read and comment at the BadVista.org blogVista was engineered from the ground
| up as a Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and Treacherous Computing (TC)
| platform. Microsoft hides these defects under more benign-sounding names
| like “Digital Rights Management” and “Trusted Computing”. But the fact is
| that Vista is designed to monitor what people do, and in particular to limit
| what they can do with digital media files. These limits obstruct common and
| legally protected uses like sharing news story clips and copying text from
| government documents. Vista has also been designed for easy updating from a
| central authority, so that new restrictions can always be imposed, disabling
| certain features or programs. When a user clicks OK to install Vista,
| Microsoft claims—illegitimately—that she is consenting in advance to this
| control. It is the computational burden of this constant monitoring in
| combination with the requirement that all hardware support these software
| restrictions that is driving many of Vista’s steep hardware requirements,
| leading to the environmental consequences that groups like the Green Party
| and Greenpeace have described.


Filipinos offer open source human rights monitoring software 

,----[ Quote ]
| Filipino members of an organization of computer professionals have launched 
| open source-based software designed for human rights organizations. 
| [...]
| CPU has been an advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the 
| country. 
| "These CPU projects prove that FOSS is a viable replacement even for very 
| specific tools of non-governmental organizations," Bahague said. "The toolkit 
| is also our small tribute to many human rights violation victims of the 
| current regime as reported by Prof. Philip Alston recently."   


Yahoo: China's censoring Flickr

,----[ Quote ]
| Popular among a growing class of digital-photo enthusiasts in the 
| world's second-largest Internet market, Flickr has not shown photos 
| to users in mainland China since last week, amid rumors that Beijing 
| took action after images of the Tiananmen Square massacre in early 
| June 1989 were posted.


Yahoo stockholders vote against anticensorship proposal

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo shareholders voted down a proposal that would have forced 
| management to adopt stronger policies regarding government attempts 
| to limit Internet access and to curtail freedom of speech in 
| countries where Yahoo operates.

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