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[News] Report from Embedded Linux Event, KDE Summit Approaching

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NLUUG/ELCE: Embedded devices and free software

,----[ Quote
| On successive days, Harald Welte and David Woodhouse gave different views of 
| the relationship between embedded companies and the free software communities 
| whose code the companies are increasingly using. Their outlooks were not 
| contradictory, but instead complementary; each came at the topic from a 
| different direction. Welte looked mostly at what companies, particularly chip 
| vendors could do better, while Woodhouse looked at what things the community 
| could do to improve.      


Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009 to be Held July 3-11, 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| The inaugural Desktop Summit, uniting the flagship conferences of the GNOME 
| and KDE communities, GUADEC and Akademy, will be held in Gran Canaria, Canary 
| Islands, Spain the week of July 3-11, 2009. The conference will be hosted by 
| Cabildo, the local government of Gran Canaria.   



Join us in Jamaica next January for Camp KDE

,----[ Quote ]
| In January 2008, the KDE community celebrated the release of the much
| anticipated KDE 4.0 in Mountain View, CA. When the event was celebrated by a
| packed house, we realised that there was a strong demand for KDE events in
| the Americas. One year later, the community will celebrate this new
| conference series at Camp KDE 2009, to be held in Negril, Jamaica.


Camp KDE 2009: Jamaican me crazy!

,----[ Quote ]
| In summary?  The energy and passion for KDE in the Americas can not be
| ignored.  We can’t wait to create an annual event and build our own identity.
| From Alberta to Albuquerque to Antigua to Argentina - it’s time to get to
| know each other.  We start in January.


Camp KDE 2009: Call For Presentations

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition, we’ll have the facilities for developer sprint sessions.  If you
| were planning to meet up in a developer sprint over the winter, let’s kill
| two birds with one stone and meet up in Jamaica.

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