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[News] GNU/Linux a King of High-end Computing

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[Debunking the misconception that Linux is only good for 'cheap' or 'old PCs]

Linux Moves From Grazing to Gorging at the Unix Buffet  

,----[ Quote ] 
| UNIX is being attacked by Linux from the top and bottom ends of the market. 
| The signs are that it is losing the battle on both fronts. 
| A couple of weeks back I wrote that Linux is becoming increasingly capable of 
| doing the less-demanding tasks that UNIX has historically been asked to do, 
| so there is less and less need for UNIX. That explains its falling share of 
| the server market.   
| But what about the more demanding tasks? The kinds of tasks that are set by 
| industrial facilities, research institutes, universities and meteorological 
| forecasting centers. The kind of mind-bogglingly complicated tasks, in fact, 
| that require the most powerful supercomputers in the world?   


The world's fastest computers are Linux computers

,----[ Quote ]
| Needless to say, all the Linux systems do have working parallel-processing 
| languages, like GCC, PGI and PathScale. For now, and the foreseeable future, 
| Linux will not only stay the fastest computers, they'll also be the most 
| useful fast computers.   



Linux shows staying power on Top500

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest list indicates growing Linux dominance. Linux is used in the top
| nine supercomputer systems in the world. When considered as the primary OS or
| part of a mixed-OS supersystem, Linux is now present in 469 of the
| supercomputer sites, 93.8% of the Top500 list.

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