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Re: Microsoft Layoffs... Again

none of your buisiness <none@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> He no longer bother pretending that he's not Gary Stewart (flatfish).
> Roy could you please explain to the lurkers (like me) who are latecomers to
> the COLA group who exactly Gary Stewart is, how it was discovered that it
> is actually him posting the derogatory garbage against linux & the history
> behind his blatent contempt for Linux. if you would not mind.

Potted history, flatfish is a prolific anti-linux troll who's been here for
absolutely ages. One of his modus operandi is to nymshift.


Meanwhile the flatfish part of his persona will occasionally say he's going
to leave forever, only to appear as yet another new nickname pretending to
be someone else. And then pop in again as flatfish some time later.

Oh, another one is he sometimes changes his tune and becomes pro linux for a
while before returning to form later.

Now any new nick that exhibits certain traits is automatically labelled
flatfish. Sometimes they are sometimes they're not.

But it's a good label either way.
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|                          | graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit |
|   Andrew Halliwell BSc   | operating system originally  coded for a 4 bit |
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