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Re: [News] Software Patents Ruined by Bilski, FTC to Discuss Possible Reform

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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____/ Phil Da Lick! on Thursday 27 November 2008 10:18 : \____

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
FTC Announces First in Series of Hearings on Evolving Intellectual Property

,----[ Quote ]
| The US Federal Trade Commission has announced the first of a possible
| series of public hearings to explore the evolving market for intellectual
| property (IP). The hearings will be held beginning on December 5, 2008, in
| Washington, DC. "The patent system has experienced significant change
| since the FTC released its first IP Report in October 2003, and more
| changes are under consideration. The courts and patentees are exploring
| the full implications of Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions on
| injunctive relief, patentability, and licensing issues. Congress has
| considered sweeping legislative patent reform, and new debates on the
| appropriate methods for calculating infringement damages have engaged the
| patent community. New business models for buying, selling and licensing
| patents have emerged and evolved since 2003. In addition, there is new
| learning regarding the operation of the patent system and its contribution
| to innovation and competition."


The very fact that the US PTB consider patents as markettable a product
as any other shows how fscked up the system is over there.

I like this idea of yours, Phil. Can you sell it to me? 5 bucks, I buy it, you
can't use this idea anymore. Got PayPal?

Don't be worried. I can license this idea to you at the rate of $0.05 per use,
as long as you don't use this observation to generate profit. ;-)

We've finally seen improvement with the bilski result and now the FTC feel they have to "fix" it. Sheesh!

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