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Re: [News] Screenshots of Fedora 10 (Final)

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 21:31:05 -0500, Ezekiel wrote:

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:2475571.DYvjXl7yv6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Fedora 10 Cambridge Released
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Following several months in development, Red Hat has just released
>> Fedora 10
>> | (codenamed Cambridge). A number of new Red Hat innovations can be
>> found in
>> | this release, such as Plymouth, and there are many updated packages
>> such as
>> | those from X.Org and the Linux kernel. In this article are some
>> screenshots
>> | from Fedora 10 final along with some of the other features that make
>> up the
>> | tenth release of this very popular Linux distribution. `----
>> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=fedora_10&num=1
> I looked at those screen shots and there's absolutely nothing in any of
> those screen shots that impresses me the least bit. It's a bunch of very
> plain windows with a blue wallpaper. The desktop icons (Trash, Computer,
> Home, etc) are all incredibly plain and boring. If it's the 'eye candy'
> in the screen shots that's supposed to wow users then they've missed
> their mark.

I feel the same way about XP, the most common Windows OS in the world,
all incredibly plain and boring.

Having said that, the pics you viewed were the LIVE cd, so its possible 
its the default Gnome, hence the lack of eye candy.

What about the little things the pics show such as bluetooth, wifi and 
hard disk capacity ?

How about the "add remove software" menu, which will install auto-
magically up to 20,000 applications from the Internet at the click of a 
button, and they're all Free ?

Firefox3, Gnu Image manipulation and Abiword are also shown, probably 
default. Again streets ahead of what you get with XP/Vista/Vista-7

And the convenience biggie is an easy 'install to hard drive' icon on the 

Again, it's light years ahead of Windows, in Freeness, and ease of 

If we wish to reduce our ignorance, there are people we will
indeed listen to.  Trolls are not among those people, as trolls, more or
less by definition, *promote* ignorance.
          Kelsey Bjarnason, C.O.L.A. 2008

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