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[News] Experiences with KMS, Plymouth, FIPS and More in Fedora 10

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The KMS, Plymouth Experience In Fedora 10

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora generally lives on the bleeding-edge of free software packages -- 
| especially when it comes to the Linux kernel and X.Org -- and with 
| yesterday's release of Fedora 10 Cambridge this is no different. Fedora 9 was 
| the first of the major distributions to integrate any level of kernel 
| mode-setting support (A Preview of Kernel-based Mode-Setting) and this 
| support has been well-extended in this latest Red Hat release.      


Fedora does FIPS

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 10 of Fedora, codenamed Cambridge, might be of interest to federal 
| agencies. It includes Python bindings for Federal Information Processing 
| Standard 140, developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Developers could use those 
| bindings to rapidly build encryption-based applications.   


Fedora 10 proves infrastructure matter

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 10 is the first release of any distribution in a long time that has 
| actually felt like an upgrade to me. With more hardware detected, increased 
| performance, and improved interfaces, Fedora 10 is an unusually strong 
| release, with tantalizing hints of even better to come.   



Ten Reasons to Get Fired Up Over Fedora 10 Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the next week we plan to post a series of blogs that explore ten
| examples from around our community, of people making a difference to free
| software through their work in Fedora. These are just ten of the many reasons
| you’ll want to fire up Fedora 10 and take it for a spin on your system. We’ll
| dive into some of the cool features that have been developed in this release,
| as well as some of the advances that have spread throughout the Fedora
| community. We’ll show off the collaboration that happens between volunteer
| contributors and Red Hat’s engineering staff to advance free software. And
| you’ll see why Fedora leads the pack in providing the future first.

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