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[News] In Praise of GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks (a Comparison)

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The complete Christmas shopper's guide to Linux-based netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Give a gift of a netbook this year; I will be. These ultra-light computing 
| devices are versatile, affordable and appealing. But which one to buy? Should 
| you pay more for a laptop? What are the pros and cons between different 
| models? Never fear, here's how to work your way through the morass and buy 
| with confidence!    
| [...]
| The big list! This is it – the ultimate Christmas shopper’s guide to what’s 
| available in the world of netbooks. Get one for yourself, get one for your 
| children, get one for your parents.  
| For each entry the unit’s manufacturer and model are listed followed by the 
| weight in kilograms and pounds, the screen size in inches, the display 
| resolution, the processor type, processor speed, storage capacity (or 
| capacities, where options are available) and built-in RAM capacity (or 
| capacities, where options are available.)    


One Guy, 3 Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Netbooks are a new category of laptop computer, defined mostly by their small 
| size and cheap price. The category started only a year ago and has evolved 
| drastically since. I tried the first netbook, an Asus Eee PC with a 7-inch 
| screen and didn't like it; the keyboard and screen were much too small. But 
| many disagreed with me, and the popularity of that first Eee PC led to dozens 
| and dozens of imitators.     
| In their current state, with bigger keyboards, bigger screens and the ability 
| to run Windows XP, I think netbooks will be hugely popular. Certainly they 
| are lacking in some respects, but I suspect that many people will judge them 
| to be "good enough," especially considering prices as low as $350 for a 
| machine running Windows XP with a 10-inch screen.     
| [...]
| I wanted my second netbook to offer as different an experience as possible. 
| In addition to the larger screen, that meant Linux instead of Windows XP, a 
| solid state hard disk rather than a traditional one with spinning platters, a 
| more powerful 6-cell battery and a screen with a matte rather than glossy 
| finish.    



Linux Carried Along on Netbooks Wave

,----[ Quote ]
| Morvay revealed to Linux Magazine Online that there were no specific figures
| for Linux netbook sales, but that it lay somewhere in the 40th percentile.
| Even though this figure seems a little high, it is known that many of the
| world's netbooks have Linux on board since their first inception 18 months
| ago.
| For example, notebooks with Linux make up about 5.5% of the notebook market
| in Germany...


Linux preinstalls rocket to three per cent [preinstalled, not installed base]

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is still be shipped with 93 per cent of all PCs sold through
| distribution in the UK, according to Context.
| Yet Linux has nevertheless made an impressive gain.


Sustainable computing for the masses

,----[ Quote ]
| Dukker says about 40 per cent of NComputing's customers have chosen Linux
|                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| (the company uses Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or SuSE) and the remainder have gone
| with Windows on the host. He is careful to specify that he has no religion
| when it comes to the operating system - it is entirely the buyer's choice.
| (Of course, if he were not offering the GNU/Linux option, then he wouldn't
| have got a run here).

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