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Re: Amsterdam invests Microsoft savings in Open Source Software Development

On Nov 26, 5:45 am, Matt <m...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> > ____/ ml2mst on Wednesday 26 November 2008 05:42 : \____
> >> Matt wrote:
> >>> ml2mst wrote:
> >>>> The City of Amsterdam that saves € 900.000 from Microsoft licenses, will
> >>>> migrate 14.000 desktops to SUSE Linux and will invest the rest of the
> >>>> savings in Open Source Software development.
> >>>> Here's a Google translation of the article:
> >>>>http://tinyurl.com/5desxv
> >>>> Sorry, it's "English" is even worst than mine <cheesy grin>
> >>>> Cheers
> >>> same article:
> >>> (((((
> >>>> The open-source work includes Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop, Open
> >>>> Office, Firefox, Zimbra (groupware: mail, calendar, instant messaging)
> >>>> and Gosa, a management tool that was developed for LiMux, the open
> >>>> source project of the municipality of Munich. [end]
> >>> )))))
> >>> A sign of the Munich migration taking root, bearing fruit.
> >> Yes fortunately indeed ;-)
> >> Cheeers
> > They didn't listen to trolls from COLA, apparently. :-)
> Well, I tried to get Muschi to sound the alarm outside COLA about the
> disastrous results for all concerned if they follow Munich.  He has
> inside sources there, you know, who inform him that it is going horribly
> and that the disaster is being covered up.  He has shirked, however, and
> it looks like all the governments of Europe might make the same mistake.
>   They could be stuck with Linux for a long time before they find out
> how bad it is, even though he could have prevented it.

This sure sounds like sarcasm. ;-)  However, in COLA it's
occasionally hard to tell.

The good news: a Google on "Munich open source disaster"
coughed up as its first link a story on a disaster of
apparently epic proportions -- 50 years ago.  (Apparently,
heavy snow, an airliner, and Munich airport combined for
a crash killing 23 people.)

I did find this story dated 2 years back:


which suggests that the conversion is hitting numerous
delays because of software patents, extended contractual
negotiations, and a 12-month extension to the project pilot
phase; the projection is that 80% of affected users will
be using Linux sometime between late 2008 and mid 2009.
Cost overruns of about 16% are giving the city additional

I'll admit I wonder what the "interdependencies" are.
An odd decision: they're going Debian.  (It's a little
odd because SuSE is based in Germany.  Oh well.)

A PDF dated March 2008 paints a more optimistic, if
very sketchy, picture:


A slightly more comprehensive picture refers to "LiMux", which
is a little confusing since they suggest the budget is only
12.8 million Euro instead of 30-35 million Euro suggested
above, or the 37 million Euro for GNU/Linux.  The migration is
apparently leveraging VMWare, as well as things such as rdesktop
and Samba.  Their ultimate goal: Java and web-based services.


And just to confuse things further, Berlin says "nein"
where Munich said "ja", 1 1/2 years back:


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