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Re: [News] Amsterdam invests Microsoft savings in Open Source Software Development

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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____/ ml2mst on Wednesday 26 November 2008 05:42 : \____

Matt wrote:
ml2mst wrote:
The City of Amsterdam that saves € 900.000 from Microsoft licenses, will
migrate 14.000 desktops to SUSE Linux and will invest the rest of the
savings in Open Source Software development.

Here's a Google translation of the article:


Sorry, it's "English" is even worst than mine <cheesy grin>


same article:
The open-source work includes Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop, Open
Office, Firefox, Zimbra (groupware: mail, calendar, instant messaging)
and Gosa, a management tool that was developed for LiMux, the open
source project of the municipality of Munich. [end]

A sign of the Munich migration taking root, bearing fruit.
Yes fortunately indeed ;-)


They didn't listen to trolls from COLA, apparently. :-)

Well, I tried to get Muschi to sound the alarm outside COLA about the disastrous results for all concerned if they follow Munich. He has inside sources there, you know, who inform him that it is going horribly and that the disaster is being covered up. He has shirked, however, and it looks like all the governments of Europe might make the same mistake. They could be stuck with Linux for a long time before they find out how bad it is, even though he could have prevented it.

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