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[News] IBM Gains Routes to Migration to GNU/Linux on Many Chips

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IBM's Transitive buy presents interesting server options

,----[ Quote ]
| Like so many of IBM's moves, the acquisition of Transitive appears to be both 
| an offensive and defensive move at the same time. More on that in a bit. But  
| first, let's review what QuickTransit was when it was launched in September 
| 2004 and how it has been used since then.  
| [...]
|     * QuickTransit for Itanium: supported MIPS, Power/PowerPC, X86, and 
|       mainframe binaries 
|     * QuickTransit for Opteron: supported MIPS, Power/PowerPC, and mainframe 
|       binaries 
|     * QuickTransit for X86: supported MIPS, Power/PowerPC, and mainframe 
|       binaries 
|     * QuickTransit for Power/PowerPC: supported MIPS, X86, and mainframe 
|       binaries 



IBM gets into server transit business

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM uses Transitive's technology in its PowerVM Lx86 - previously System P
| Application Virtual Environment or PAVE - product which enables Linux X86
| workloads to run on PowerPC hardware. The technology could be used to let
| mainframe Linux apps run on PowerPC too.


IBM Announces Plans to Acquire Transitive

,----[ Quote ]
| Transitive is a leader in cross-platform virtualization and a pioneer in
| developing technologies that allow applications written for one type of
| microprocessor and operating system to run on multiple platforms -- with
| little or no modification. As a result, the technology will enable customers
| to consolidate their Linux-based applications onto the IBM systems that make
| the most sense for their business needs.


Teaching Everyone to Speak Big Blue

,----[ Quote ]
| With Transitive’s technology, it would be very easy for I.B.M. to step up
| existing efforts to lure H.P. and Sun customers to its own servers. And if
| those other translation programs languished in I.B.M.’s vault, well, no one
| at Big Blue would shed any tears.



Code dandy Transitive adds laptop, legacy Solaris/SPARC plays

,----[ Quote ]
| These days, Transitive leads with its Quick Transit Server product, which
| brings applications written for Solaris/SPARC systems over to Linux on x86
| gear.  


Transitive Rejiggers Emulation Software, Adds Partners

,----[ Quote ]
| Transitive is not going to talk about how much dough it is raking in.
| Incidentally, the product for moving applications to Itanium-Linux machines
| is just starting to ship this week.


Transitive Ships Version 1.2 of QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/x86-64

,----[ Quote ]
| Transitive, which established a partnership with Red Hat, Inc., in 2006
| and is a member of the Red Hat ISV Partner Program, also announced that
| this new version of its QuickTransit software is now certified to run
| on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system.

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