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[News] Eee PC Gets Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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Asus Eee, Ubuntu’d

,----[ Quote ]
| So anyway, I don’t know what the interface is like if you’re using the 
| original Linux one available in the US, or Windows (as the ones in Korea seem 
| to all have preloaded) but the version of Ubuntu that was remixed especially 
| for this series, available here, is really working well as far as I’m 
| concerned! Even the hard drive gives me plenty of space — 160 GB is, after 
| all, bigger than the drive on my laptop. Tons of space for writing and other 
| projects, which is good… next semester is going to involve a fair amount of 
| multimedia stuff.       



eeebuntu: yet another Ubuntu-based build for the Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Another good tip from Robert found its way to my inbox: I'm sure there's Eee
| PC owner or two out there that will appreciate it. There's a new
| and "eeemproved" Ubuntu distro that's customized for the Eee called eeebuntu.
| You can go with the snazzy Compiz Fusion enabled gnome version or go
| plain-vanilla with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix packages. Performance looks
| pretty darn good on the original 701 4G model Eee PC too: just check it in
| the above vid and supply your own audio track. I made mine funny, but feel
| free to make serious commentary when you watch.


Haiku running on Asus EEEPC!

,----[ Quote ]
| It is with great pleasure that I'm able to announce Haiku (rev26666) runs on
| the Asus EEEPC! I own a 701 model, and have sporadically been testing out
| Haiku revisions on the machine. For months I've been unable to boot Haiku,
| but somewhere along the line, the bug I filed got squashed, and Haiku will
| boot off the machine's internal 4gb fixed disk!


Mandriva leaps into the netbook market with the GDium

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately it's hard to avoid the buzz about netbooks - the small, cheap laptop
| systems that were popularized by the Asus Eee PC (which, of course, Mandriva
| Linux 2008 Spring supports very well). Many in the community have asked if
| Mandriva is going to get directly involved in this market. Well, the answer
| is yes! Mandriva is providing the innovative operating system for the
| upcoming GDium netbook system, produced by Emtec.


Ubuntu SD Cards With The Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu Eee project has just announced they will be selling SD cards
| pre-loaded with the latest version of Eee Ubuntu. This SD card can then be
| inserted into the Eee PC and you can run Eee Ubuntu right off of it. This is
| a great idea, but it would be even better if the cards were sold in stores
| along with the Eee PC.


Debian To Replace Xandros on the Eee PC?

,----[ Quote ]
| This message on the Debian Eee PC mailing list reveals that Asus and Debian
| are working together, or at least planning to, on software for the Eee PC.
| This, presumably, means that future versions of the Eee PC could run a
| modified version of Debian, rather than a modified version of Xandros, as
| they currently do.

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