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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Henchman in SCO Named Among Worst CEOs

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Top 10 worst chief executives

,----[ Quote ]
| Shaun Nichols: McBride has no shortage of chutzpah, I'll grant him that much. 
| Taking on IBM's legal team for the rights to Linux is a bit like trying to 
| storm Fort Knox with two trained monkeys and a slingshot.  
| The SCO case did accomplish one good thing, however. It united once disparate 
| groups of Linux advocates in a common cause, and watching the company slowly 
| get the life choked out of it in the courts was poetic justice in the eyes of 
| many.   



SCO's MORs for September in the Bankruptcy - The Subsidiaries

,----[ Quote ]
| Am I going nuts or is SCO sending money to the foreign subsidiaries? Take a
| look.
| [...]
| Unless I am misreading this, SCO seems now to be sending more than that to
| SCO India alone. With SCO shrinking before our eyes, why are the subsidiaries
| needing more money now? I have no explanation.


The Day After & Motion to Intervene Denied as "Wholly Inappropriate" - updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Remember when SCO began its media blitz? Stories everywhere. The world
| thought it was exciting to imagine Linux on the ropes. Now, when SCO is told
| it behaved improperly and must pay millions, only a few even note it. No one
| cares about SCO in failure, except for some who feel disgust, like Matt Asay.
| What a strange ride it's been. You'd think the folks that wrote all those
| stories about SCO eating Linux's lunch would at least place a notice on their
| Corrections Page: "Um. About that lunch stuff, we were totally duped by SCO.
| They haven't won anything. The best they can do is not lose as big as they
| could have."
| [...]
| But someone sent me Maureen O'Gara's latest, a very hilarious snip. She of
| course is warning that Linux end users are at risk, because SCO can now sue
| them for infringing UnixWare. Heh heh. Folks, they could have sued for
| post-APA UnixWare five years ago. In fact, that is part of what SCOsource was
| allegedly about. Remember? That's the story. So it's nothing new that SCO can
| sue over UnixWare. And yet, they never did. If you look at the IBM case, not
| one line of infringed code from UnixWare was listed by SCO. Would that be for
| a reason? Like there isn't any? You think?


Where are the Rob Enderles and Paul Murphies?

,----[ Quote ]
| And after all has been (almost) said and done I'm left wondering: Where are
| the Rob Enderles and Paul Murphies of this world that were willing to bet
| their souls on SCO winning the case? Was it Rob that said that he had
| seen "very compelling evidence" of copyright infringement under an NDA?
| I wonder SCO losing won't show up on their "missed predictions" section of
| their resume... oh, and Steve Ballmer... you better sell that bottle of
| champaigne you were saving for the time SCO won the case... it must be worth
| a little more money after all the time that passed by.


SCO Penalized $2.5M in Novell Unix Case

,----[ Quote ]
| Both parties may be able to appeal the decision, suggesting that the long,
| overdrawn case could continue to hobble along even longer than it already
| has. To quote Steven Vaughan-Nichols, "Like the 11th chapter of a bad horror
| movie, the SCO zombie keeps stumbling forward moaning "Linux," instead
| of "brains."



After SCO Dies

,----[ Quote ]
| Could Novell open-source Unix? What will OpenServer customers do? Can Sun
| claim some customers for OpenSolaris?
| [...]
| It's going to happen. Some time in 2008, SCO will finally stop thrashing on
| the floor and die. Will it be Novell draining it dry of its last financial
| resources in the U.S. District Court in Utah? Or, will it be the bankruptcy
| court in Delaware divvying up the last bits and pieces of the once-proud Unix
| company?


Did Microsoft ruin SCO?

,----[ Quote ]
| Which comes to the scenario in mind. Gates approaches McBride and puts forth
| a proposition that SCO should try and make money out of Linux. He offers to
| bankroll the operation in a backhanded manner and then steps back to watch
| the action unfold. His reasoning for doing this? To have a test run before he
| puts Microsoft through the same paces. Either way he wins.

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