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[News] Telepathic GNU/Linux Desktops

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The telepathic desktop: apps are out, people are in

,----[ Quote ]
| This article is a humble opinion piece of a GNOME user who wishes to stop 
| using communication software and just be in touch with people. I want to 
| write mail to, chat with, talk to, and have video conferences with real 
| people without worrying about applications and technology. All my suggestions 
| are doable with existing technology in GNOME, no extra magic is required. I 
| write as a user, not as a developer, just in case maintainers and developers 
| of relevant software are in need of ideas, as well as to discuss this issue 
| with interested people.       


"I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the
public good."

                                --Adam Smith


Telepathy support in Qt Extended - soon in main Qt?

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, Qtopia was renamed as Qt Extended and released in version 4.4
| Besides the political interesting questions regarding future Nokia mobile
| devices the new release caught my interest because of a specific feature:
| Telepat[hy] support.
| The recent release of Qt’s Qt Extended was quite interesting because it
| showed that Nokia is supporting the further development of this mobile device
| framework - which means that we might expect future Nokia devices using Qt
| Extended. Given the current situation regarding the iPhone and Google Android
| on the one hand and the large community of Qt/KDE developers on the other
| hand Qt Extended might be a valid option for Nokia for future devices.

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