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Re: Linux estimated on at least 3% of all desktops

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____/ Richard Rasker on Sunday 23 November 2008 23:33 : \____

> Hadron wrote:
>> Richard Rasker <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> BTW, I'd like to know if anyone knows of more precise figures, as these
>>> are mostly rough estimates.
>> We know. Your numbers are notoriously misleading and inaccurate. You
>> cried "Wolf!" once too often to ever be believed by anyone but the most
>> zealous and sycophantic COLA arselicker. So Liarnut will probably
>> believe you. Mind you, he believes that MS's drop in stock prices
>> indicates a surge for Linux and the end of MS .....
> ... And yes, right on cue! A mere three minutes between my posting and your
> foul language, personal attacks and you crying wolf^H^H^H^H"liar" once
> over.
> Well done, that man. Now go play in the sandbox again, and keep telling the
> other Wintoddlers there that Linux has only 0.5% after all, and that any
> other figures are all lies :-)
> Richard Rasker

You've missed a very big portion there. In the developing world, Debian
(whether customised/localied or not) is hugely popular. In Brazil, for
instance, I hear that about 8% run a flavour of GNU/Linux, but usually a
distro you never heard of. In fact, based on millions of hits in a site, 1/3
are unspecified GNU/Linux distribtuion, probably with some obscure name like

The 3% figure is conservative, but Gartner, which is funded by Microsoft, puts
it at 4%.

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