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[News] Qualcomm PC Runs GNU/Linux, Not Windows

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Qualcomm’s Kayak “PC alternative” pictured

,----[ Quote ]
| The chipset uses an ARM application processor so it can’t run Windows 
| applications, but like Linux-based netbooks, Kayak devices could run existing 
| productivity suites and support some Office file formats. “Long-term we would 
| welcome the opportunity to port any of the Windows applications and we’ve had   
| numerous discussions with Microsoft on this, but we don’t have anything to 
| announce at this point,” CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs said at the meeting today. He 
| added that Qualcomm has worked with Adobe to support Flash applications on 
| Brew, which should make it easier to quickly develop applications.     



Qualcomm debuts 3G Linux mini-notebook

,----[ Quote ]
| All these are still on the drawing board, but "similar products could be out
| by the end of this year," said Luis Pineda, senior vice president at
| Qualcomm. The company hopes to make a big bang with Snapdragon-based devices
| at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Qualcomm: Interview with a cellular vampire

,----[ Quote ]
| CEO Paul Jacobs, in his opening address to the collected mass ranks of US and
| European analysts, turned this image on its head – expressing his “palpable
| relief” that the Nokia patents dispute had been resolved – and on terms that
| will not wreck the greater part of Qualcomm’s profits – those through royalty
| payments, and talked about having been smashed around for the past three
| years, and that now that it was over, the settlement driving huge positive
| momentum for his company.
| [...]
| Jacobs added: “We are not quite so worried about that action since we have
| workarounds for the Broadcom patents which are already in chips, and that
| give us negotiating leverage. We have worked through multiple decision trees
| on the outcomes of that legal action and although we’d like to see it
| resolved, whichever way its goes it will not have as great an effect as the
| Nokia action.”



Praying That Eudora Has an Afterlife

,----[ Quote ]
| Hope is not lost, as Qualcomm released the software to open-source
| volunteers to use and improve. Eudora might again thrive by sharing
| code and features with Thunderbird, an E-mail program being
| developed at the open-source Mozilla project.


Eudora e-mail client to go open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Qualcomm on Wednesday announced plans to release future versions of
| its Eudora e-mail client software as open source. The company is
| collaborating with The Mozilla Foundation to base the next version of
| Eudora on Mozilla?s Thunderbird e-mail software.

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