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Re: [News] GNU/Linux Number 1 Method for Cutting IT Budget

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____/ 7 on Sunday 23 November 2008 14:50 : \____

> Gregory Shearman wrote:
>> On 2008-11-22, 7 <web_has_email@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>>>> 5 Ways To Beat The IT Budget Blues
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> | Has your IT budget just taken a big hit for 2009? Many have. These
>>>> | desperate times call for desperate measures but don't worry these
>>>> | measures aren't nearly so desperate and they just might help you fix
>>>> | that ailing IT budget. All you need is a little creative thinking and
>>>> | some good people behind you--and these 5 things (in order of
>>>> | importance).
>>>> | 
>>>> | 1. Linux - No surprise here since this is a Linux-oriented blog. Linux
>>>> | makes sense for those tightening those budgetary belts since it's
>>>> | free, robust, and stable. You can't go wrong choosing Linux for your
>>>> | IT infrastructure.
>>>> `----
>>>> http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/entry3558.html
>>> Linux jobs are exploding in UK banking in the City.
>> Bank jobs? Exploding? Are you talking about bank robbers using gelignite
>> to open up those pesky vaults?
> Well, if you want the long story cut short, I'll begin...
> Once upon a time....
> ...
> ..
> ...
> Then came after them a wunch of bankers who stole
> money from the rich and poor alike and instead of being
> allowed to go under and get the debts written off, they
> persuaded governments around the world to give them
> tax payer money. They used the tax payer money to after
> people with real money who have been loaned virtual money
> with inflation busting virtual interest.
> So it became to pass that all this tax payer money will pay for virtual
> interest to prop up the banking system as the people who
> are supposed to have all that real money haven't
> got it any way because they haven't got job and so it will
> come to pass that the wunch of bankers will help themselves
> to the tax money on behalf of its customers whose
> virtual interest that hasn't been paid.
> And in the mean time, some people point out you don't
> need to pay micoshaft any money if you switch to Linux.
> Which is why there is now an explosion of Linux jobs
> in the City converting micoshaft systems to lower
> cost Linux systems.
> Phew!
> That was a long story after all!

Microsoft and the banking system have a lot in common. They both exploited a
form of modern pyramid schemes, where the last ones standing lose everything
they had and the bottom collapse, leading to further centralisation of wealth
(sometimes just called globalisation)


"Microsoft is also the key architect of the greatest financial pyramid 
scheme this century."

- -- 
                ~~ Best of wishes

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