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Re: Impressive. 38 Articles to the group each one 4 minutes apart.

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Wednesday 19 November 2008 16:57 : \____

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Ezekiel belched out
>   this bit o' wisdom:
>> "Chris Ahlstrom" <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:pfTUk.70922$vX2.21258@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Bitching about Roy is part of their anti-Linux-advocacy agenda.  The more
>>> you post about Linux (or against Microsoft), the louder the bitching
>>> becomes.
>> Interesting way to look at it. What I see is Schestowitz using automated
>> scripts that post messages exactly 2-minutes apart. Many of these posts
>> have links back to his for-profit web sites. What's the difference between
>> this and the spammer trying to sell viagra? Oh yes... some of Roys posts
>> are "wrapped" in some 1996 blog entry about DR-DOS.
> You keep telling yourself that, Zeke.

Troll strategies:

- - Compare to another "equally evil" company to justify a Microsoft crime

- - Say the crime or article is so "too old" (as in, "crimes expire")

- - Accuse messenger of mis/interpretation of fact (e.g. "Microsoft is entering
debt," which it *IS*)

- - Spin facts, call the messenger (carrying someone else's words) a "liar", then
repeat the accusation in a sock-puppet "yes men" fashion.

- - Link to libel, e.g. "castration", because there's nothing better to do or to

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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