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[Fact] Erik loses his mind over sad news for M$

On 2008-11-23, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:

> First, you lie when you say Microsoft *IS* entering debt.  As teh above
> quote you supplied says "It hasn't happened yet", and it may not even
> happen.

I bet you were slapped around a lot as a kid for being anal. The
bullies had to love seeing you coming because you made the perfect
target to demonstrate why others should respect their bulliness.

> Second lie is when you say "Investors Sad", when clearly again your quote
> above says "investors 'hang on to dream'",

I hang onto the dream of someday being a billionaire. I'm sad because
I'm not significantly closer to it than I was 30 years ago.

> indicating they are hopeful, not sad.  Other quotes you "missed" from
> the article:
> "But despite the stock's performance, they said they're still optimistic
> about Microsoft's long-term prospects."

"Despite the monitor showing a flatline for days, we're optimistic that
the patient's heart will start beating again any moment."

> "It's sort of been flat for a while, but it's a large company," said Ann
> Gruber of Post Falls, Idaho. "We feel very positive about Microsoft."

"It's sort of been flat for awhile. But we're hopeful that the stock
price will tick upward enough that we can dump what we own real fast
and at least break even."

> "He said he is enthusiastic about Microsoft but hoping to see the company
> come up with new technologies that will improve its financial position."

"He said he believes in Santa Claus but is hoping someone he has
actually met will give him presents for Christmas."




People can believe all sorts of things. They might even spin
circumstances to make things appear better than they are. Don't make it
so, y'know.

Politics is the entertainment branch of industry.
-- Frank Zappa

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