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Re: [News] Microsoft Investors Sad as Microsoft is Entering Debt

On Sat, 22 Nov 2008 04:57:44 +0000, Gregory Shearman wrote:

> On 2008-11-21, amicus_curious <ACDC@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Terry Porter" <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:KZCdnTHHTqVeDrvUnZ2dnUVZ_gSdnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Or maybe you folk out in the far bush struggle to get news from the
>> civilized parts of the world!  MS has been buying back stock for a
>> couple of years now with, if I recall correctly without looking it up,
>> some $40B or $50B dedicated to that purpose.  Also, they have been
>> paying dividend quarterly and paid a one-time $3 per share dividend. 
>> For 10 billion shares outstanding, that was another $30B in a lump sum.
>>  It is not much of a mystery if you are actually interested.
> It's not called "the far bush". It's called "The Outback",
> four-wheel-drive access only. Take plenty of water or you'll die out
> there.


> Over 90% of Australians live in cities so I doubt Terry Porter lives in
> the Outback.

Nah, it's the Northern Rivers, NSW for me.

> I also don't live in the Outback. You have to use satellite
> to get internet access out there. You *might* be able to get by with
> packet radio if you had a neighbour within a 100 kilometers or so.

Most Americans have no clue about Australia. mucus_curious needs to watch 
"Quigly Down Under" ;-)

>> It is kind of amusing to see how the anti-MS crowd continues to try to
>> belittle the MS successes

I haven't seen any of those for a long, long, time. I wonder if 
mucus_curious is referring to Microsoft Vista ?

>> while simultaneously whining about the unfair
>> competition.

mucus_curious is getting Linux Advocates confused with the American 
Department of Justice, the old one, the one with teeth.

>>  To be effective, you are going to have to get on one side
>> of the issue or another.  Either they are chumps or they are champs,
>> figure it out and stick with it.

Colorful language, chump.

> Microsoft's successes have come through unfair competition.


If we wish to reduce our ignorance, there are people we will
indeed listen to.  Trolls are not among those people, as trolls, more or
less by definition, *promote* ignorance.
          Kelsey Bjarnason, C.O.L.A. 2008

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