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[News] Free Software Praised in the Big Media

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In praise of open source technology

,----[ Quote ]
| ACROSS the globe and across industries, the financial meltdown is taking its 
| toll on anyone running a business - multinational, regional or local. The 
| pressure to cut and consolidate has never been higher. That is why it is 
| critical to examine all of the options out there - not only to save dollars 
| today, but also to position your company for growth and opportunity in the 
| long run. In exploring alternatives, question the norms and examine options 
| that require little opportunity cost and trade-offs.      
| One of these options is open source technology. If you think open source is 
| only for geeks and student activists, think again. Open source technology 
| gives access to intellectual property without barriers to adoption, exit and 
| without barriers of licensing to build network infrastructure. In other 
| words, there are no costs involved.    



When Linux gets cited as a matter of course, it’s truly gone mainstream

,----[ Quote ]
| In the Linux console, if you enter the following commands, you can learn the
| secrets of a political dirty trick


Mainstream U.S. Media Discovers Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The VAR Guy was flipping though his Sunday morning paper when he spotted an
| article about Ubuntu Linux. He took a few more sips of coffee to perk up and
| make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him. Sure enough, Ubuntu had made the
| leap into the mainstream media — earning coverage in Newsday, the eight
| largest newspaper in the nation. Has Ubuntu reached its tipping point with
| consumers?


Linux in mainstream culture

,----[ Quote ]
| Even if people are not comfortable with the idea, Linux is beginning to
| become more mainstream than we imagine. The production of machines such as
| the Asus EEE, Dell’s selling of Ubuntu-powered machines, Acer’s computers
| running on Linpus and now we have HP with small notebooks which run Linux —
| these have all helped in making it more known to the general public.



The Buzz Word Today Is Change

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe that's one of the reasons Linux has taken off in the last year; maybe
| it's the people's hunger for change that's driving companies like Dell and
| Sears to package Linux integrated computers. It might be that people are
| growing tired of expensive proprietary software that never works, provides
| poor support, is devoid of expansive, contributing communities, forces them
| to purchase new hardware sooner than they would like, and forces them to wait  
| years between releases.      
| [...]
| With some hope, people are realizing how much choice is out there. These
| choices help to force the big software vendors to reduce their prices, help
| to bring about change and innovation, help to put money back into the pockets
| of computer users every where.    

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