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[News] NetBeans Adds PHP, GPL-licensed JavaFX Out Soon

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PHP added to open-source NetBeans

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems has released its latest version of NetBeans, adding expanded 
| support for dynamic languages. 


Sun commits to JavaFX despite uncertainty



JavaFX SDK preview release imminent

,----[ Quote ]
| Also, Sun's experience with open-source development may prove to be an asset,
| he argued on his blog: "The quicker Sun can go open fully open source with
| their JavaFX stack -- start developing it in the open, letting people use
| nightly builds, and even collaborating in the open, the better positioned
| they'll be to make up for any lateness."


Linux will save JavaFX!

,----[ Quote ]
| I was drawn to a JavaLobby post entitled JavaFX's Killer Feature, because I
| have long wondered what, exactly JavaFX's killer feature could possibly be.
| Well, brace yourself: JavaFX will succeed where others fail because it runs
| on Linux, whereas Adobe is notorious for letting its Linux Flash port (upon
| which Air runs) lag behind.


JavaFX as Rich Internet Application Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Why free? Because developers don't want to encumber their applications with
| royalty bearing dependencies, or use technologies that predefine where
| consumers might appear. You don't build developer communities around closed
| source, you build user communities - and this is an instance where developer
| selection and adoption will define the broadest RIA marketplace. JavaFX will,
| like all of Sun's software platforms, be made freely available as open
| source, and it'll be released via the GPL (v2) license.



JAVAONE - Sun defends JavaFX Script

,----[ Quote ]
| This question was raised during the JavaOne conference in San Francisco this
| week, with an attendee wondering why Sun needed to have its own scripting
| variant. JavaFX Script is part of Sun's JavaFX rich Internet application
| platform, first announced a year ago but being filled out with product
| deliverables this year.
| With JavaFX Script, Sun is offering up a scripting language very similar to
| what already was available, argued developer Angsuman Chakraborty, CEO of
| Taragana. It is hard for developers to learn another language, Chakraborty
| said.

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