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[News] MySQL Favoured in Poor Economy

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Dick, Jane, and MySQL: why recessions favor open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Add it all up, including the two salaries salaries plus overheads, and it 
| looks like you could be spending over $140,000 a year on IT. 
| According to Richard and Jane, (and a guy you asked at your accounting firm), 
| this is all good and reasonable - just a cost of doing business, they say; 
| but there’s a niggling doubt: a guy you know who runs a small law firm was 
| just telling you about how he’s saving a bundle by switching everything to 
| Linux. It’s free, he says - and free sounds pretty good.    
| Explore that a bit, and you’ll see that recessions are great for open source 
| because you can layoff off Dick and Jane, hire an IT professional to switch 
| everything to Linux, save over $6,000 a month for the next three years, and 
| end up with a pretty good chance that the bank will get its inventory change 
| logs on time every week.     



Sun bundles servers in MySQL blankets

,----[ Quote ]
| You're Sun Microsystems. You have a server lineup you brag about all the
| time. You have one of the best operating systems in the world in Solaris. And
| you shelled out $1bn in cold, hard cash to acquire the most popular open
| source database in the world, MySQL.
| And now you have figured out that it might be a good idea to sell
| preconfigured bundles of hardware, software, and services set up explicitly
| for particular database-driven workloads. Make it a little easier for
| everyone to do deals.


Closing MySQL: Marten Mickos Responds

,----[ Quote ]
| Whatever you think of Mickos's reasoning behind the move, explained below,
| the company deserves full marks for responding so quickly to a situation that
| it admits was caused by its own slightly maladroit handling of an
| announcement, which in retrospect was bound to be controversial.

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