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[News] Why Flash Must be Set Free (Libre) Before Engaging with Linux

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Will Flash Ever Be a Standard?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday, I caught wind of some good news. It was the kind of good news that 
| is immediately good for me and ultimately good for Linux. It was announced by 
| MLB Advanced Media, major league baseball's online division, that video on 
| MLB.com would no longer be delivered via Microsoft's Silverlight format but 
| instead with Adobe Flash technology.    
| Given that there are a few Flash clients for Linux, including Adobe's own 
| native player, and that there are, oh, no Silverlight players for Linux, the 
| obvious benefit for me (and other baseball fans) is that we should be able to 
| watch more baseball action on our Linux machines. (It wasn't too easy to feel 
| sorry for Microsoft, either.)    


Expanding the Mobile Web

,----[ Quote ]
| Specifically, the companies say that Adobe's Flash Player 10 and AIR (a 
| platform for building complex Web applications) will be compatible and 
| optimized for the ARM chips available in 2009. While ARM is used in a huge 
| number of mobile phones, the announcement has broader implications: the chips 
| are also used in set-top boxes, mobile Internet devices, personal media 
| players, and automotive platforms.     


Those ARM-powered gadgets cannot run a decent version of Windows. They also
scare Intel, which has begun throwing FUD at ARM and issued profit warnings
that crashed its crime-boosted stock.


ARM and Adobe join up

,----[ Quote ]
| Considering some of the most popular websites on the interweb today use FLV
| as a video format for their... uhm... videos, it’s no surprise that Arm and
| Adobe are teaming up to catch the mobile device choo-choo.


Why Ubuntu on ARM Could be a Rich Seam

,----[ Quote ]
| ARM today announced that the total number of processors shipped by its
| Partners has exceeded ten billion.
|              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| [...]
| A Nokia-sponsored project is porting Ubuntu Linux to the ARM architecture.

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