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[News] New Free Book on GNU/Linux's Triumph, Yo Frankie!

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After the Software Wars

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the technology that's already available, we should have cars that drive 
| us around, in absolute safety, while we lounge in the back and sip champagne. 
| All we need is a video camera on the roof, plugged into a PC, right?   


Yo Frankie!, Now Shipping!

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most highly anticipated open source games of 2008 is finally 
| shipping. After several months of development and unexpected delays, Blender 
| Institute's Yo Frankie! has been unleashed for the world to play.  


The Free software movement brought with it Free (as in freedom) literature,
multimedia content, and many other things. This threatens the copyrights
cartel and it's perfectly legal and enriching to culture.


Linux triumphs in UK schools as hell freezes over

,----[ Quote ]
| This post comes hard on the heels of an important piece of news... at least
| two Open Source companies have become part of the Becta's official list of
| suppliers to the education sector. The new procurement frame work under the
| aegis of the OGC relaunches the supply of ICT to education. The emphasis is
| clear: deliver value for money to UK schools.
| It was not long ago that most commentators believed an Open Source company
| would join the likes of Capita, Serco and RM shortly after hell froze over.
| But times do change. In this case the driving force for change seems to be
| (we presume) the well-known cost-benefit values of Linux and other Open
| Source software.

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