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[News] Sun is Losing to GNU/Linux on the Top-tier Computers

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Sun measures HPC backorders in petaflops

,----[ Quote ]
| The lateness of the UltraSparc-III systems, the disappointing performance of 
| its "Wildfire" interconnect, and the rapid adoption of commodity clusters 
| running Linux took some of the wind out of Sun's HPC business, which Fowler 
| estimates (very roughly) to be around $1bn today.   
| [...]
| With its substantial investment in hardware engineering for InfiniBand 
| switches, blade servers, dense storage arrays, and sophisticated software, 
| such as ZFS and the Lustre file system for HPC workloads, and its embracing 
| of Linux, Sun is hoping it can catch hold of some of the growth in the HPC 
| market, which is outpacing the overall server market and is, in some ways, 
| immune to the current downturn because funding for HPC systems is already in 
| place and budgeted.       


Microsoft is a no-starter here, no matter how many places Microsoft 'bribes' to
experiment w/ Windows as a 'case study'.


Penguin Computing and Altair to Deliver Enhanced Utility to HPC Cluster Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Altair, the leader in grid-computing, workload management and CAE
| applications, and Penguin Computing, a leading provider of HPC clustering
| solutions, announced today their partnership to deliver Linux HPC clusters
| with unprecedented ease of use to the rapidly growing technical computing
| market.


Linux still super in Top500

,----[ Quote ]
| In the June 2008 Top500 list, Linux still lives large with a role in 92% of
| systems (It is the only OS for 85.4%, but when considering all distributions
| (SUSE, Red Hat, CentOS, and general ‘Linux,’ as well as mixed uses that
| include Linux, I figure the share is more like the 92%).

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