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Re: Rabbitohs versus Detroit Lions

On 2008-11-19, Andrew Halliwell <spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Ghost In The Machine <ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Briefly, though, the Detroit Lions are 0-10 this year,
>> beating out the Kansas City Chiefs (1-9), Cincinnati
>> Bengals (1-8) [*], the St. Louis Rams (2-8), the
>> Seattle Seahawks (2-8), and the Oakland Raiders (2-8)
>> for the, erm, privilege of being deepest in the cellar.
>> (And you thought just the economy was bad in the Michigan area.)
> Mope, didn't even know detroit was in michigan.
>> Also for the record, "Rabbitohs" appears to refer to
>> www.rabbitohs.com.au, which is in the National Rugby
>> League.  They are based in Sydney.
> Ah, so THAT'S what it is...
> I was wondering (but not curious enough to bother googling)

Exactly my point. Using localised sporting references never work.

BTW, the "national" rugby league is really only 2 states (Queensland and
New South Wales). The rest of the nation follows Australian Rules
Football (which is like gaelic football except with an oval ball).

The rabbitohs have been down and out for a number of years and only
through the money of Russell Crowe (a quite famous actor) avoided being
removed from the NRL. They were once a fine team, winning many

We recently had the Rugby League "World" cup. Australia always wins this
easily. It would be like the Seppos having a Gridiron World Cup.

In 3 words, a big joke.

My favourite team is the Newcastle Knights, of course... I'm parochial
when it comes to Rugby League Football.


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