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Rabbitohs versus Detroit Lions

On Nov 19, 11:13 am, Gregory Shearman <ZekeGreg...@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On 2008-11-19, Andrew Halliwell <spi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> If you buy that this study will say anything except what Microsoft wants
> >> it to say, I have some early- release, Detroit Lion SuperBowl tickets you
> >> might also want to buy. Cheap!
> > Never heard of them. Good team are they?
> > Or are they at the bottom of the barrel having not won a game in 50 years?
> Yeah, I wouldn't even know what game he was talking about. It'd be like
> me offering "Rabbitohs" tickets, I suppose.

For the record:


Briefly, though, the Detroit Lions are 0-10 this year,
beating out the Kansas City Chiefs (1-9), Cincinnati
Bengals (1-8) [*], the St. Louis Rams (2-8), the
Seattle Seahawks (2-8), and the Oakland Raiders (2-8)
for the, erm, privilege of being deepest in the cellar.

(And you thought just the economy was bad in the Michigan area.)

The NFL has yet to go through its rather complicated
playoff system; we won't know who's tops until
Super Bowl XLIII, February 1st 2009.  Also, Detroit
still might win one or more of its remaining games, salvaging
a rather bad season for them.

Also for the record, "Rabbitohs" appears to refer to
www.rabbitohs.com.au, which is in the National Rugby
League.  They are based in Sydney.


The bunnies are currently 14th in ladder position, Storm
(in Melbourne) being first, and the Bulldogs (location
uncertain) apparently getting the wooden spoon for being
dead last (16th).

[*] the National Football League implements a "bye" system,
    which will screw things up a bit.  Also, the Bengals
    are playing tonight in a Monday Night matchup, against
    the Pittsburg Steelers.  Hence, the missing game.

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