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Re: Impressive. 38 Articles to the group each one 4 minutes apart.

"Peter Köhlmann" <peter.koehlmann@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Ezekiel wrote:
>> "Chris Ahlstrom" <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:xHZUk.90466$XB4.22034@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Ezekiel belched out
>>>  this bit o' wisdom:
>>>> "Chris Ahlstrom" <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>> He doesn't automate it, Zeke.  Typing mistakes in the posts are too
>>>>> common
>>>>> for that.  At best, he saves them in files and then loads the files.
>>>> Why... because he says so. The facts show a different story.
>>>>> Start talking more sensibly.
>>>> Start looking at the facts Chris and don't ignore them simply because 
>>>> an
>>>> "advocate" claims otherwise.
>>> I'd go for Roy's claims over your claims.
>> Instead of believing "claims" why don't you use your head and look at the
>> facts. It's practically impossible to post that much material that 
>> quickly
>> without automation.
>> Screw the claims. How about some common sense for a change?
> Your facts are garbage, and your "common sense" non-existant.

Care to actually /think/ before you speak. Here's my facts... where are 

A "typical" post from Schestowitz looks something like this:


Some are longer (much longer) and some are shorter but this certainly can be 
considered to be an "average" post. This post has:

    264 paragraphs
    441 lines
    1927 words
    10713 characters

Do the math. How many hours/day would it take to do this all manually by 
hand without automation?

> I don't know how Roy does it, but here's how I would do it:

He does it with a script. And if he posts this much repetitive junk without 
the help of a script then he's even dumber than I thought.

> Gather all articles of interest during the day.
> Compose messages but *don't* send them yet
> When you are done tell newsclient to send all pending messages.
> It fits perfectly the available facts.

Perhaps the facts as you want to believe them. But if you do the math the 
timetables make it virtually impossible.

> *Your* "facts" are just simply bullshit. And actually, I did not expect 
> any
> better from you wintendo fanbois. You are simply not smart enough

You're the one who's not smart enough to bother doing the math and realizing 
that the BS that Roy's been feeding you simply doesn't add up.

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