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Re: Why is this Schestowitz Robot posting so many off topic messages?

SomeBloke <stuff@xxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> On Sat, 15 Nov 2008 01:57:34 +0000, Hamilcar Barca wrote:
>> Putting OT or Rival in front of your messages does not alter the fact
>> that you have been in vioolation of the chrater of this group Roy
>> Schestowitz. Are you a girl or a guy? You still have not answered. I
>> think you are a machine.
> Hello Gary, another miss! Check your spelling also.

Bad spelling was one of the trademarks of the l33t h4x0r culture which
Gary seems himself as being a part of, along with subscribing people to
mailing lists, and other activities which would be surely highly
appealing to a 12 year old, but not really very entertaining for a
person with a tiny bit more maturity.

The constant references to homosexual activities and acts are also
another part of that culture, along with the general trolling of people
into any kind of response at all.

I retain the view that the best way of dealing with all of the trolls is
quite simply to ignore them.  They do *not* need to be challenged,
instead, good positive advocacy articles can achieve the same thing, and
can do so without providing a platform for the corporate spin of Erik
and Timmy, and the mindless teenage-angst ridden drivel of Gary,
weisgerber, dfs and co.

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