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Re: This is HUGE

"Chris Ahlstrom" <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> After takin' a swig o' grog, Ezekiel belched out
>  this bit o' wisdom:
>>> Sometimes you creep me out, Zeke!
>> Oh Chris... I can tell already. This is going to get very interesting.
>> Do I approve of this. Absolutely - and hear me out.
>> <quote>
>> Just because Novell works with Microsoft doesn't justify Anivar's 
>> charge.
>>  <snip>
>> Novell's actions have spoken louder for the record than Anivar's words.
>> </quote>
> Yeah, and the Trojan Horse was pretty quiet, too, until it got into the
> fortification.

Great except that the trojan horse has absolutely zero to do with this. The 
issue that you brought up is this and you asked if I approve.

And you approve of this?  "The organizers called up Kochi police and man
handled Anivar Aravind a former student of the Cochin University and a well
known free software activist."

And the answer is a resounding YES. Do you approve or disapprove of this?

The conference was held at CUSAT which appears to be a very legitimate 
university. Their web-site is here:


I'm quite certain that this university doesn't make it a habit to attack 
anti-Novell protesters. By several accounts the protesters stormed the 
conference and started tearing down Novell posters and banners and putting 
up their own anti-Novell "art work." The organizers had no choice but to 
call security and have these MORONS removed.

I have yet to see anything that establishes this "Anivar" guy as a free 
software activist. He sounds like some idiot who's only contribution to 
free software was to disrupt a conference at a legitimate university.

So what should have they let this Anivar idiot do in your opinion? Should 
they just stood there and let him destroy and deface the property of 

I have no doubt that "Anivar" and his fellow idiots had strong intentions 
of creating a disturbance in order to give their protest some visibility.

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