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[News] Microsoft Goes Litigious on Software Patents

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Microsoft Files Suit to Defend Visual Studio Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is not mentioned in any of the three complaints. However, in the 
| suit that Microsoft filed against WebXchange, it says that the charges relate 
| to the companies' use of Microsoft's Visual Studio software. By asking the 
| court to declare WebXchange's patents invalid, Microsoft hopes to defend its 
| customers FedEx, Dell and Allstate and spare the thousands of other Visual 
| Studio users from similar suits, Microsoft says.     
| FedEx, Dell and Allstate have already sought indemnification from Microsoft, 
| Microsoft said in the lawsuit. Most large software makers like Microsoft 
| indemnify their customers, meaning that if their products are found to cause 
| harm including patent infringement, the software developer will bear the 
| responsibility for the problems.    


Guess which patents are not infringed in the Microsoft Visual Studio suit?

,----[ Quote ]
| WebXchange is suing Microsoft--or, rather, three of its customers--for 
| allegedly infringing its patents in Microsoft Visual Studio, as CNET reports. 
| Just desserts? Nah. Microsoft rarely sues anyone, preferring instead to 
| threaten to sue.   


Microsoft in patent battle over Visual Studio

,----[ Quote ]
| "Microsoft filed this action to protect our customers and ourselves against 
| spurious patent infringement lawsuits filed by WebXchange," Microsoft said in 
| a statement. "We will demonstrate to the Court that WebXchange's patents are 
| not infringed by Microsoft technology and that WebXchange's patents are 
| invalid and unenforceable."    



Microsoft takes mouse maker to court

,----[  Quote]
| Microsoft said it has filed a complaint with the International Trade
| Commission after failing to be able to negotiate a licensing deal with Primax
| Electronics. In the complaint, Microsoft is seeking an order barring Primax
| from importing infringing products into the United States.


Microsoft goes to court over mouse patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft also is expected to file suit in U.S. District Court, seeking
| damages.


SCO vs. Linux – mixed reactions to Novell Unix copyright verdict

,----[ Quote ]
| From hackers to financial analysts, the question of what happens next is
| occupying the minds of many in the IT industry – not all of them as
| well-informed as Pamela Jones, the good fairy behind Groklaw, a website which
| follows such cases. She has told Infoworld that Microsoft will be the next
|                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| SCO Group; the company has been loudly rattling its patent sabres, claiming
| ^^^^^^^^^
| earlier this year that Linux violated mote than 235 Microsoft patents.
| Whether Microsoft goes beyond mere sabre rattling and whether SCO manages
| anything more than a last gasp is also a question of how you evaluate the
| course of court proceedings so far.

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