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Re: Adobe Removes 64-bit Barrier from GNU/Linux

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 15:41:20 +0000, Cork Soaker wrote:

> William Poaster wrote:
>>> Quack's an asshole.  Period.
>> Quack is an embittered troll, who was found to be a fraud by many people
>> in many groups. In spite of his protestations that he *is* a linux user,
>> his words & actions *clearly* gave him away.
>>  Quack appeared in the emacs group (Nov 2006), then harrassed the SuSE
>> group with inane drivel. Much later he appeared in the Ubuntu group with
>> reports of how installing rather simple things **failed for him**.
>>  Later, Quack appeared in COLA in 2006 *still* claiming all kinds of
>> difficulties in installing Ubuntu, one of the *easiest* distros to
>> install!
>>  Then all of a sudden the troll declared himself a linux pro, being more
>> versed than the long time users, but *still* having all kinds of
>> problems!
>>  As more in aolu realised that *all* he was an "arrogant asshole" with
>>  an
>> "attitude that sucked", one by one they binned/ignored him.
>>  Quack "left" aolu, blaming other others (naturally), & said he was now
>> using Debian.....uh, yeah, riiiight. As he couldn't get Ubuntu working
>> (generally acknowledged to be more 'cutting edge' than Debian), he went
>> to installing a beta version of a long established distro "because of
>> his hardware". (Anyone see a flaw here?)
>> So there you are, the potted history of the Quack troll. And if he
>> couldn't get a Linux distro installed properly, f#ck knows what he'd
>> make of a *BSD.
> I'm sure Hardon will refute this with more lies!

More than likely.

> BSD is a pain in the arse, he can have it for me! ;-)

I quite like it. :-)

Most people are sheep.  
Microsoft is very effective 
at fleecing the flockers.

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