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[News] Linux and GPUs Tightened Further for Extra Power

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Linux API harnesses GeForce GPU's HD video capabilities

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia plans to make hardware assisted video decoding available under Linux. 
| Practically all of the recent graphics cards and mainboard chipsets with 
| integrated graphics offer the functionality for decoding the video codecs 
| used with Blu-ray discs and so Nvidia also plans to make this functionality 
| available under Linux. The Nvidia developers have released first details 
| about the specially developed Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix 
| (VDPAU) on the X.org developers' mailing list and made comprehensive 
| documentation for the programming interface available on the internet.       


The Portland Group Announces PGI 8.0 Optimizing Compilers & Tools for
Multi-core x64 Processors

,----[ Quote ]
| Latest PGI release supports OpenMP 3.0 on Linux, Windows and MacOS; includes 
| heterogeneous x64+GPU compiler technology preview 
| [...]
| The new release also adds support for building and debugging of OpenMPI 
| applications on both Linux and MacOS, complementing existing MPI capabilities 
| on Linux and Windows clusters.  



Open graphics card available for preorder

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Graphics Project has started accepting preorders for their OGD1, a
| graphics card with a completely open source design. This initial release is
| billed as a high-end FPGA prototyping kit specifically designed to test
| computer graphics architectures. The card has two DVI connectors, S-Video,
| 256MB RAM, and a 64bit PCI-X connector. The core of the system is a Xilinx
| Spartan-3 XC3S4000 FPGA. A nonvolatile Lattice XP10 FPGA is used to bootstrap
| the Xilinx at power up. Here's the layout of the specific components.

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