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[News] Dell Advertises GNU/Linux, Microsoft Gets Annoyed

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Dell’s Linux Ads: Microsoft’s Nightmare Before Christmas?

,----[ Quote ]
| For at least the third time in recent weeks, prominent Dell newspaper 
| advertisements feature the Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook running Canonical’s Ubuntu 
| 8.04 (that’s a small Linux notebook, folks). The VAR Guy hears Microsoft “has 
| gone postal” over the Linux notebook ads. You might even say this is 
| Microsoft’s nightmare before Christmas. Here’s the complete scoop.    
| [...]
| At $349, Dell’s low-cost Ubuntu Linux system is “giving Microsoft fits,” 
| according to one source familiar with the Microsoft-Dell relationship. “It’s 
| one thing to have Dell ship Linux to consumers,” said the source. “It’s quite 
| another to have Dell advertising Linux to millions of consumers in a Sunday 
| newspaper heading into the holiday season.”    



You Don't Make Mistakes Like This.

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell screwed up. No wait...they didn't screw anything up. They fully intended
| to do what they did. Now tell me they are not under the thumb of Microsoft.
| Why was this statement necessary? Let the customer decide. So tell me Dell is
| a friend of Linux or that they are not complete quislings for the Redmond
| Empire. Oh please...I do so want to hear you tell me this. It will be an
| Academy Award performance. It will have to be to explain away this.


Dell first ad - All About Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| If this an Dell / Enfatico spot– we take back all the slams we had to the
| advertising agency prior… It’s about Linux! Whoo hoo!!


Dell Launches Consumer Advertising for Ubuntu Linux PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s one small step for Dell and consumer Linux — and one giant leap for
| Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux efforts. Specifically, Dell is spending advertising
| dollars to promote PCs with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled. The move has
| significant implications for the business world as well. Here’s why.
| First, some details about the advertisement. Many many U.S. newspapers on
| Sunday, October 12, included a multi-page Dell flier. Among the many products
| advertised was the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, a low-cost sub-notebook designed for
| email and Web browsing.



Google starts running Dell Linux Desktop ads

,----[ Quote ]
| While working on my personal blog site, which happens to have Google
| Adsense ads running on it, I was surprised to find Google ads for
| Linux-powered Dell desktops showing up.

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