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[News] The French MAFIAA Attacks SourceForge

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French Recording Industry Sues SourceForge For Hosting Open Source P2P

,----[ Quote ]
| It would appear that Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France 
| (SPPF), a group that represents French record labels, is now trying to sue a 
| bunch of non-French file sharing applications, as well as SourceForge.   


Network Civilization: Peer-to-Peer and the Rise of Green Capitalism

,----[ Quote ]
| Just as the three quarters of oil engineers now agree that Peak Oil is in 
| sight within the next decade (after that, oil production can only decline), 
| can we also posit that we may have reached a moment of Peak Hierarchy, a 
| moment in history in which it is no longer large centralized organizations 
| that are most efficient or productive, but rather those that are organized as 
| distributed networks and can draw on peer producting communities?     



Sourceforge.net Blocked In Mainland China

,----[ Quote ]
| "SourceForge, the world's largest development and download repository of Open
| Source code and applications, appears to be blocked in Mainland China. The
| current blocking may be related to the recent anti-China protests of Beijing
| Olympic Games, which will begin on 8 August. Some days before, a very popular
| free source code editor in SourceForge named Notepad++ start to boycott
| Beijing 2008. The project's developer said that the action is not against
| Chinese people, but against Chinese government's repression against Tibetan
| unrest earlier in this year. SF.net has once been banned by China in 2002.
| However, the ban was lifted later in 2003."



Patent violation, prosecution, acquisition: pick your top open-source project

,----[ Quote ]
| Co-incidentally, or not, Microsoft - who has a schizophrenic relationship
| with open source when it comes to the subject of intellectual property in
| free and open source software - is sponsoring the poll.
| [...]
| One wonders what diamond-level sponsor Microsoft might feel about this, given
| its own sense of software manifest destiny and, ahem, "concerns" over IP in
| open source software.


GPL Project Watch List for Week of 07/18

,----[ Quote
| Over the past couple of weeks, Sourceforge has been doing some maintenance
| and updates. This backed up some of their data which we use to keep track of
| the GPL3 numbers.


SourceForge.net Launches Hosted Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| SourceForge, Inc. (NASDAQ: LNUX), the leader in community-driven content and
| media, has announced the launch of Hosted Apps, a new service for developers
| that provides instant, virtualized access to popular open source
| applications. SourceForge will centrally manage the infrastructure and
| security of Hosted Apps, allowing developers to innovate freely without being
| distracted by the maintenance of their project's infrastructure.
| The inaugural application lineup contains three of the most widely used
| applications within the SourceForge community: phpBB (forum software),
| MediaWiki (the wiki platform that powers Wikipedia), and LimeSurvey (an
| online survey tool). Because the Hosted Apps platform allows SourceForge.net
| to easily add support for a wide variety of third-party open source
| applications, more applications are scheduled for deployment over the coming
| months.


SourceForge turns to virtualization for hosted apps

,----[ Quote ]
| SourceForge is trying to get development and collaboration tools in the hands
| of their users more quickly these days. They are announcing on Monday a new
| service for developers that provides fast, virtualized access to popular
| open-source apps. This is not a perfect solution, but a good quick way to
| answer some developer needs.


SourceForge using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| SourceForge, Inc (formerly VA Linux/Software, NASDAQ: LNUX) switched their
| corporate website to Drupal. Another public company with a Drupal site!


Microsoft's piracy fight gains momentum in China

,----[ Quote ]
| In his first official visit to the United States in 2006, China President Hu
| Jintao arrived for dinner at Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqGS:MSFT - News) Chairman
| Bill Gates' house with a gift for the host.  
| Shortly before Hu's Seattle visit, the Chinese government had issued a decree
| requiring all personal computers manufactured in China to come with a
| licensed operating system before leaving the factory gates.  


McCain comes out against Net Neutrality; Says would hire Microsoft CEO Steve

,----[ Quote ]
| In another move that was sure to infuriate many geeks, the 70 year
| old presidential hopeful also said that he would ask Microsoft CEO
| Steve Ballmer to serve on his cabinet to deal with technology issues
| if elected. He did not however say what position Ballmer might be
| hired in, but did joke that he might consider him for a diplomatic
| position, such as ambassador to China.


Treachery In The Trenches

,----[ Quote ]
| I believe that most people do not grasp the immense entity of Microsoft.
| This is an organization and a man who commands the attention and bidding
| of world leaders. On a recent trip to America, the President of China
| spent his first evening in the United States, not with our President,
| but Bill Gates. He was the guest of the Gates mansion that first
| evening and the guest of honor for a dinner attended by over one
| hundred people. Why? To ask him to crack down on Software piracy
| and to insure that his computer manufacturers put Microsoft Windows
| on thier newly made machines instead of shipping them with no OS. He
| didn't see the President of the United States for over 36 hours...he
| spent that time with Bill Gates at his home and at the Redmond
| Campus.


Microsoft's China boss quits to head NBA in China

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft said its global vice president, Zhang Yaqin, would take over as
| acting Greater China chief while it sought a permanent replacement.


OOXML, ODF and UOF: What's Up in China?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has seemed to be flying high in the Peoples Republic of China
| lately. Bill Gates spent several days in Beijing earlier this year in
| meetings with high-level officials, after hosting Chinese President Hu Jintao
| the spring before at Gate's own home.   And legitimate copies of Microsoft
| products appear to be at last gaining ground in comparison to pirated copies,
| albeit at the price of discounting them to almost unimaginable levels
| (students can now reportedly obtain a Windows/Office bundle for the
| incredible price of $3).   Many credited Microsoft's pragmatic decision to
| accept Chinese realities and not insist on having everything its own way.


Microsoft ‘monopoly’ comes under fire

,----[ Quote ]
| We are calling on the government to veto the OOXML format at the
| International Organization for Standardization (ISO).” The OOXML format is a
| file specification released by Microsoft in December last year for its
| Microsoft Office 2007 suite. It is currently in a fast track standardization
| process with the ISO and will be subject to voting next month. Unlike the
| current ISO digital document standard ODF (Open Document Format) and China’s
| national standard UDF (Unified Office Document Format), Microsoft’s OOXML
| format can only be run on a Windows platform.
| It is also criticized for containing many proprietary technologies that can
| only be fully supported by Microsoft’s Office products.


An open document standard for China

,----[ Quote ]
| Another standard that Microsoft does not support, is the
| RFC 3987 specification, which defines UTF-8 capable Internet addresses.
| Consequently, OOXML does not support the use of Chinese
| characters within a Web address.
| Microsoft also did a bad job in creating a document format
| for the whole world, which is an important requirement for an ISO standard.
| Considerations for users in Israel and many Muslim countries were excluded in
| the specification of OOXML. For any locale, the function 'Networkdays()' will
| always return Saturday and Sunday as the weekend. However, this is wrong for
| Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Bahrain, Qatar, Bangladesh, Israel, Jordan, Libya,
| Pakistan, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. ODF handles this correctly.
| There are many more examples why OOXML isn't a suitable candidate for an ISO
| standard yet. From my point of view, Microsoft should stop, as soon as
| possible, bringing more redundancy into office document formats.
| It would be much better if Microsoft takes the good ideas and technologies
| from OOXML, and tries to join an effort to unify ODF, UOF and OOXML. For
| those interested, the blog of IBM's Robert Weir, is a good source to get
| informed about the issues of OOXML.
| I hope China will not support OOXML in its ISO voting, but force Microsoft to
| consider talks for one harmonized office document standard for the whole
| world.


Yahoo in China human rights case

,----[ Quote ]
| A human rights group in the US is suing Yahoo for alleged complicity in
| rights abuses and acts of torture in China.


Chinese Internet dissident committed to mental hospital

,----[ Quote ]
| "It is not acceptable that Chinese authorities use such methods to silence
| citizens who have merely peacefully voiced their opinions", expressed the
| organisation in an announcement. Apparently authorities have not abandoned
| the practice of punishing those who have exposed the abuse of power and
| defied censorship by compulsorily committing them to mental institutions.


Yahoo!, Microsoft ink web pact with Chinese government

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft and Yahoo! have signed a pact with the Chinese government
| that "encourages" the big name web players to record the identities of
| bloggers and censor content. So says Reporters Without Borders, an
| organization that fights for journalistic rights across the globe.


Microsoft, Yahoo Tailor Ads To Users' Behavior

,----[ Quote ]
| Google will remain on the sidelines — at least for now. But its Web portal
| rivals are stepping up their efforts to use behavioral targeting to make
| display, or banner, ads more relevant to Web site visitors.


New software can identify you from your online habits

,----[ Quote ]
| That is the spectre raised by new research conducted by Microsoft.
| The computing giant is developing software that could accurately
| guess your name, age, gender and potentially even your location,
| by analysing telltale patterns in your web browsing history. But
| experts say the idea is a clear threat to privacy - and may be
| illegal in some places.

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