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[News] Corruptible Politicians and MAFIAA Try to Elevate Hollywood Control

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Council of Ministers move to delete vital safeguards from EU Telecoms Package

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in September MEPs responded to public concerns over the EU Telecoms 
| Package by voting through vital safeguards that would help ensure that only 
| proportionate and just sanctions against illicit filesharing could be 
| proposed by national governments. Since then, you’d be forgiven for thinking 
| your internet connection was safe from disconnection via corporate fiat.    
| [...]
| We’re lucky, then, that cyberlaw expert and ORG Advisory Council member 
| Professor Lilian Edwards, together with her former student and now trainee 
| barrister Simon Bradshaw, have been scrutinising the ongoing negotiations 
| process, and the resulting proposed texts. In a 14-page paper [.pdf] 
| analysing the various Directives that make up the Telecoms Package (as 
| amended by Parliament in September) and the reactions to these amendments 
| from the Council of Ministers and the Commission, they conclude:      
| “On the basis of our analysis it is clear that the package does, or at least 
| can, provide a mandatory basis for the “warnings” part of a French-style 
| connection sanctions law (the “strikes”) (see para 12 of brief), and also 
| potentially provides a means by which public CSPs (ISPs and the like) can be 
| compelled by the national regulator to work with (”promoting cooperation”) 
| rightsholders to implement a disconnection scheme (the “you’re out” – see 
| para 19 of brief). Wording in various places of the latest version seems to  
| confirm that this “co-operation” is a more extensive obligation than simply 
| providing copyright-related public interest information.       


Share This: The Internet is a Right

,----[ Quote ]
| But not content with penalising French Internet users, and chilling 
| creativity in that country, Sarkozy seems determined to bend Europe to his 
| will (the infection has already spread to the UK).  
| First, attempts were made to sneak an obligation to impose the “three strikes 
| and your out” approach (rebranded as “graduated response”) into a complex and 
| irrelevant EU telecoms package. The European Parliament, to its credit, 
| pushed back, and added several clauses to preserve fundamental freedoms, like 
| the right to judicial review of any attempts to cut Internet access.    
| [...]
| This means that the French/European moves must be nipped in the bud if we are 
| to prevent a massive leap backwards for global online rights. And that, 
| perhaps, is the key argument that can be used here: that the Internet is now 
| so interwoven with everyday life (in developed countries at least, and 
| increasingly elsewhere) that cutting it off is akin to cutting off someone's 
| electricity or water supply. Nobody would countenance that, and only 
| retrogressive monopolists like the recording and film industries would 
| contemplate it for the Internet.       
| So here's something concrete that everyone can do: start sharing. No, I don't 
| mean copyrighted content, but this meme: that the Internet is a right. Pass 
| it on.  



Music stars unite to seek control

,----[ Quote ]
| UK pop and rock stars are taking action to try to gain ownership and control
| of their work from record labels.

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