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[News] Red Hat Makes Friends with Obsidian, Supported by CoSoSys

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Red Hat partners with Obsidian

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat has appointed Obsidian Systems as its first SA Red Hat Premier 
| Business Partner. A statement from Red Hat says the move comes part and 
| parcel with its revised strategy for the Europe, Middle East and Africa 
| (EMEA) region.   


CoSoSys: Endpoint Protector 2008 Expands its Reach in the Linux World

,----[ Quote ]
| CoSoSys announced today the release of its latest version of Endpoint 
| Protector 2008 which features support for Red Hat Linux 5 and Fedora 9 as 
| server operating systems. The new version comes to support CoSoSys' ongoing 
| effort to include a wider range of Linux distributions to better adapt to 
| varying hardware requirements of companies around the world.    


"The government is not trying to destroy Microsoft, it’s simply seeking to
compel Microsoft to obey the law. It’s quite revealing that Mr. Gates equates
the two."

                                --Government official


The Force Is With Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Micheline Chau, , president and COO of Lucasfilm Ltd. — the George Lucas
| company behind Star Wars and a lengthy list of related entertainment
| activities — has joined Red Hat’s board of directors.


Red Hat opens Dubai Office

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat has announced the expansion of its international presence with the
| opening of an office in Dubai. The new office will provide support for its
| growing customer base in the Middle East and Africa and enable Red Hat to
| leverage experts with local knowledge to meet new business demands in the
| region.


Red Hat CEO in whirlwind Oz visit

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst arrived in Australia yesterday for
| the first time, with plans to meet major customers and government
| representatives.
| Whitehurst, who is staying until Wednesday, plans to visit Melbourne,
| Canberra and Sydney. During his visit Whitehurst will also be launching a Red
| Hat campaign dubbed the Open Source Collaborative Innovation (OSCI).


Red Hat expands Australian presence with new regional HQ

,----[ Quote ]
| Growth in Linux vendor Red Hat's Asia-Pacific engineering and support
| business has resulted in a move to new premises. The world's biggest
| specialist Linux company's Brisbane, Australia, site is now its largest
| engineering centre in the region.


Red Hat trains partners up with services certification

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software vendor, Red Hat, has launched a Certified Service
| Provider (CSP) program in Australia.


No Recession at Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| It is flattering to be mentioned, Mr. Whitehurst said, but he noted that
| corporate customers and the industry benefit from what he called Red
| Hat’s “Switzerland status” — not being a province of one of the major powers
| in the technology industry.  


Microsoft sees slide in profits


Red Hat to open SA office

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux vendor Red Hat is to open an office in South Africa. Starting Monday
| Red Hat will have an SA-based country manager who will be responsible for the
| Southern Africa market on behalf of the company.


Red Hat Introduces Asia Pacific-Wide Open Source Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat officially introduced its latest Asia Pacific (AP) initiative, the
| Open Source Collaborative Innovation (OCSI), in Singapore last week, designed  
| to advance and build a global open source community for collaboration
| innovation...  

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