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[News] GNU/Linux and Free Software Advocates Speak Out

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Ace Suares: A big Linux advocate on a small island (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| The word "big" has two meanings here. Ace Suares is not only a big-time 
| GNU/Linux and FOSS advocate, but he is close to 2.5 meters tall and built 
| like a football lineman. He lives on the island of Curacao in the Netherland 
| Antilles, where he and his wife run a small Web design and hosting firm that 
| (of course) runs Linux servers. But trying to convert other IT people on 
| Curacao to the FOSS cause has not been easy, and has caused Ace plenty of 
| frustration over the years.      


Interview: Angela Byron, Top Drupal Developer and Evangelist

,----[ Quote ]
| The GPL encourages the code-sharing culture that have made Drupal what it is 
| today. While people could sell add-on modules if they wanted to, that starts 
| to make a bit less sense when the person you sell it to can turn around and 
| give it away for free. As a result, the project has an enormous library of 
| thousands of add-on modules freely available for download and use (all GPLed 
| as well so there are no licensing restrictions to mix and match). This has 
| resulted is a robust economy of Drupal service providers who offer help in 
| the areas of customization, support, training, develoment, hosting, 
| consulting, and other needs individuals and companies might have as they 
| build their sites.         



Help Spread Linux… Don’t Preach It!

,----[ Quote ]
| Long story short, the lesson seems to be that waving something in someone’s
| face is more likely to come off as rude and nagging, instead of capturing
| their interest as you hope to do. While trying to spread the perks of Linuxis
| a totally legitimate and an encouraged pursuit, one can’t expect to have too
| much luck with it by decking passers-by in the street with LiveCDs and
| harassing colleagues with stories of how perfect Linux is and pouncing to
| point out Vista’s flaws every time they encounter UAC asking for their
| permission to do something.

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