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Re: Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Friday 14 November 2008 23:22 : \____

> <Quote>
> High-ranking Microsoft and Intel executives were involved in a plan to
> re-write the Windows Vista Capable program to save both companies -
> and OEMs - millions of dollars, according to unsealed court
> documents....
> Microsoft's update to the program followed a flurry of emails and
> phone calls that reached to the top of both companies, chief executive
> Steve Ballmer from Microsoft and Paul Otellini of Intel.
> ...The CEO-level contact is vital to the case as both Ballmer and
> Microsoft have denied he had any "unique or personal" knowledge of the
> Vista-Capable program so that he can avoid having to testify in the
> case.
> </Quote>
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/14/intel_microsoft_vista_capable/

Ballmer could soon be desposed. Will he nervously sway back and forth like
PearlyG or will he just yelp?

Bits that I found revealing:

New court documents reveal internal Microsoft fighting over Vista, Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Ultimately, Microsoft changed its mind and lowered the requirements so that 
| PCs with those chipsets received the "Windows Vista Capable" logo -- even 
| though they couldn't run the glossy Aero Glass interface or other signature 
| Windows Vista features.   


Vista suit links Microsoft, Intel CEOs

,----[ Quote ]
| What did Intel CEO Paul Otellini say to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on the 
| phone, and what role did that conversation play in Microsoft's decision to 
| lower the requirements for the "Windows Vista Capable" sticker?   
| That's one of the questions raised by the internal documents unsealed today 
| in the class-action lawsuit over the Vista Capable program. 


Microsoft downgraded Vista Capable specs to help Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| NUMEROUS EMAILS exchanged by Microsoft and Intel executives have revealed 
| that the Vole knowingly cut its 'Vista Capable' PC specifications to help 
| Intel flog rafts of cheap kit.  
| The email evidence surfaced in a plaintiffs' court filing (PDF) that was 
| unsealed Thursday in the continuing 'Vista Capable' consumer class action 
| lawsuit.  


E-mails: Vista specs changed to help Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| When Microsoft announced it would start the Vista Capable program three 
| months earlier than anticipated, Intel executives, including CEO Paul 
| Otellini, complained to Microsoft because they did not have enough high-end 
| chipsets.   
| "While I do not want to discuss volume and $$ on email, it is material to our 
| business, and we do not understand Microsoft's motivation to change the 
| previously agreed upon date," Intel executive Renee James wrote in an e-mail.  
| James wrote in another e-mail that Otellini "doesn't understand why the date 
| changed and we don't accept it is just 'labels on boxes.'" 
| Another filing in the case (read it here) shows that Otellini even called 
| Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to relay his concerns. 


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