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[News] Chinese Professionals Encourages to Share Code

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Perl, Outsourcing and China

,----[ Quote ]
| 3. Contribute! We need more members of the Chinese Perl community to join in 
| open source projects and make contributions. Something that desperately needs 
| contributers is documentation. We need the standard set of Perl documentation 
| in Chinese. What can companies do? If your company is taking on LAMP projects 
| but you lack the skilled resources for the job, obviously you need to put 
| together a serious training program. Ideally you would have these LAMP 
| trainees work on one of the many open-source projects out there first and let 
| them build up their LAMP skill-set, then once they are suitably trained, let 
| them loose on your customer's code. Don't just rush through the training! You 
| don't want to make a bad impression on your customer by having people with 
| little or no Perl skills hacking on their code. One big advantage you get 
| with letting your LAMP trainees work on open-source projects is that they get 
| code-reviewed by experienced Perl engineers. Also, your company gets some 
| street-credit for making contributions to open-source projects and you are 
| more likely to attract better talent in the future.              


China could soon kick Microsoft out (starting with Office), but
Microsoft 'bribes' the countries with investments and promises (last seen 2
days ago). It's not profitable because people in China don't buy Microsoft
software. It's wrongly assumed sometimes that number of copies of Windows and
Office are indicative of profit.


2-day trip for Linux in China

,----[ Quote ]
| They also visit the high performance computer based Chinese Loongson CPU,
| which is called “KD-50”.This computer is built by the teacher and student of
| USTC, it has 1T FLOPS.


Huawei to launch Android and Symbian smartphones next year

,----[ Quote ]
| Chinese network company Huawei Technologies is planning to launch smartphones
| based on the Android and Symbian operating systems in the first half of 2009,
| according to James Chen, director of marketing for the company's terminals
| division. It will also launch a new embedded 3G module at the GSMA Mobile
| Asia Congress this month, he said.


[New Laptop Based Chinese Loongson CPU is Announced]

,----[ Quote ]
| On Nov,8 more than 20 fans attended the China Internaltional Industry Fair in
| the ShangHai New International Expo Centre to look and test the new box based
| Chinese Loongson CPU although it’s rain.
| The hotspot is the new laptop like ASUS EeePC, it include one 800M-933Mhz
| Loongson 2F CPU, 512MB memory, 160GB SATA disk or 4GB SSD, 8’ LCD and WiFi.
| Its weight is less than 1KG. The Debian Linux Operation system is installed
| in it.


$98 Linux Laptop - The HiVision miniNote

,----[ Quote ]
| HiVision CO., LTD makes one of the worlds cheapest Linux laptops at $98 using
| a new cheaper chipset, WiFi, 1GB flash storage, it runs Linux, 3 USB ports,
| Ethernet, SDHC card reader, audio in and out. Voice-chat, Skype, multi-tabbed
| Firefox browser support, Abiword for word processing.

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