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Re: My new record: 2 seconds before Windows crapped out on me!

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____/ Richard Rasker on Thursday 13 November 2008 15:54 : \____

> Helping our (now ex-) neighbours who had just moved house with some light
> fixtures and suchlike, I wanted to look up the address of a local hardware
> store on the Internet -- as their ADSL should work already, wireless and
> all.
> So the lady of the house fired up her XP laptop and tried connecting. After
> a few minutes, she had to call her husband about network settings and the
> WPA key. And sure enough, after some clickety-click, she got to the online
> Yellow Pages.
> I took over the keyboard, entered my search, and ... nothing. IE was
> completely locked and frozen (sound familiar, DFS?), and the only resort
> was killing it through the Task Manager. Yee-haw! A new record! Never
> before have I managed to crash Windows or a Windows app so quickly!
> Anyway, I tried again. And another lock-up. Killed it, tried another Web
> page (the online phone book) -- lock-up once more. Another call to her
> husband (a network application developer) didn't bring us much further --
> apparently, the woman tried rebooting, uninstalling the network connection,
> all network connections, reinstalling this or that, reconfiguring it --
> whatever. After almost 45 minutes of wasting my precious time, I had
> enough, and went to the gas station across the street to ask for
> directions. Which I promptly got.
> Windows is soooooo easy! Yeah, sure.

It's 'easy' when there is a "Richard Rasker" (for example) somewhere around to
become free labour and fix the problem.

Windows is 'easy'. Lots of /hard/ things happen, but they get assigned to other

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