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Re: Microsoft Lamost in Its Teens, Debt Coming

On 2008-11-13, SomeBloke <stuff@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 10:55:36 -0600, Sinister Midget wrote:

>> I'm not typing this all for you, Erik. Nor for Doofie or Flatfish. No,
>> you guys are lost causes. But maybe, just maybe, one of your fellow
>> trolls can be led into examining circumstances and see that there's no
>> future sticking with the Redmond clowns. Not likely, I realize that. If
>> they were smart they surely wouldn't have become usenet trolls. But
>> their lack of intelligence shouldn't be any reason not the /try/ to get
>> through to them. Before they find themselves talking over old times with
>> you guys in the Salvation Army soup kitchens in the not very distant
>> future.
> Stop it! Stop it! You're making me (almost) blub in sympathy for the poor 
> buggers!

They don't need sympathy. They're happy. Happy, like a retarded person
is happy because (s)he doesn't realize (s)he's retarded. In fact, they
think they're smart, witty, survivors. They believe that bad things
can't happen to them because they're Too© Smart© to fail.

The world is full of 'em. No need for sympathy. Just watch their
mistakes and learn.

We might as well learn from their foibles. They certainly aren't
getting anything out of it.

"One world, one web, one program"  -- Microsoft promotional ad
"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Füehrer"  -- Adolf Hitler

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