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Re: Microsoft Lamost in Its Teens, Debt Coming

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 10:55:36 -0600, Sinister Midget wrote:

> On 2008-11-13, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 00:51:25 -0600, Sinister Midget wrote:
>>> On 2008-11-13, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>> Wow, Microsoft has lost $13 a share since the beginning of the year,
>>>> about 1/3 of it's value.  Nevermind the fact that IBM lost $50 per
>>>> share since July (almost 40% of it's value), Red Hat has lost $15 per
>>>> share since April (or about 2/3 of it's value), Google has lost $400
>>>> a share since January (or about 42% of it's value)
>>> Odd. Why take MICROS~1 at January, IBM at July, RH at April? Does it
>>> make the figures sound good enough to support your tirade?
>>> Just curious.
>> Because each of those are the highs over the last year for each
>> respective stock, compared with the current price.
> MS has been steadily creeping downward since January, then. And Google.
> But the others were in realatively good shape, climbing and making money
> for their investors, until later in the year.
> What that tells me is, when the turnaround starts IBM and RH could be
> first to tick upwards. After all, their stocks were still in favor until
> stock market gloom overtook everything.
> And Google won't have any problems either since they have enough to
> weather this all. Web advertising will pick up again once companies feel
> it's safe enough to spend.
> But lowly Microsoft, if they're even still around when the smoke clears,
> will continue to slide. They're even talking that "debt" word again.
> Nobody wanted their stock before, and Fester isn't likely to do anything
> that will change that. Not with Vista 7, anyway. So it might take them
> another few years to level out (or disappear). Plus debt will make them
> even less attractive.
> No wonder DuFuS' shrieks are getting more and more shrill. He needs to
> find a job, one that doesn't depend on his Excel mastery to get him the
> extra $.30/hour more than his fellow sludgeworkers receive, before he
> busts a blood vessel or has a stroke. Oh well. There's always the "Y"
> and soup lines.
> And Mushy Flatso. Times like this might push somebody over the edge. But
> not Flattie. Nope. S/H/It's already so far over the edge that nothing
> can possibly push s/h/it any further. But I don't think I'd want to be a
> Microsoft employee working in the area of NY or NJ when s/h/it has had
> enough and breaks out the chainsaw and .44 Magnum.
> But you? I know you're a diehard. You'll see it through, even when it's
> right to the bottom of the ocean. Nothing will sway you, which would be
> rather sad if you weren't who you are. I'd feel sorry for most other
> people, people who might inadvertantly tie themselves to a dying body in
> the hope that it can float them to safety. But in your case you can see
> they'll sink like a barium-laced turd, and refuse to look at it. So you
> won't be in any pain or have any confusion until that last second when
> everything is going dark for the very last time, and your final thought
> will be, "WTF???"
> All you guys shoulda bailed back 5 years ago, when I warned it was
> coming. Imagine how much better off you'd be if you'd learned some
> skills and dumped all of your near-worthless (in relative terms) MS
> stock back when it could be sold 3 or 4 times higher than what it was
> going for at the high this year. But you'll be OK. There should still be
> plenty of room on the welfare roles since they're definitely going to be
> expanding the next few years.
> You tied yourself to the future of Vista. And what happened? That's one
> heckuva turd, huh?
> "That's OK," you think. "One stinker doesn't mean it's a room full of
> fart gas." But the next stinker is coming. It's already being reviewed.
> and some of the reviews ain't pretty. In fact, more than one review
> makes comparisons and concludes there's not much changed from Vista.
> It's never going to run on netbooks. Even XP isn't so hot on those. It's
> going to have its 8th birhtday pretty soon. I see XP netbooks being sold
> off on Craig's List (4 just this week) locally because they run like
> dogs with XP. Do you really believe that some future version of Winders
> is going to do any better? You do realize that each succeeding version
> of Windwoes has caused huge jumps in the requirements for the capability
> of the hardware just to make it run like shit, right? You do realize
> that all of their lighter versions of Windoze (CE et al) have been dogs
> themselves, right?
> I'm not typing this all for you, Erik. Nor for Doofie or Flatfish. No,
> you guys are lost causes. But maybe, just maybe, one of your fellow
> trolls can be led into examining circumstances and see that there's no
> future sticking with the Redmond clowns. Not likely, I realize that. If
> they were smart they surely wouldn't have become usenet trolls. But
> their lack of intelligence shouldn't be any reason not the /try/ to get
> through to them. Before they find themselves talking over old times with
> you guys in the Salvation Army soup kitchens in the not very distant
> future.

Stop it! Stop it! You're making me (almost) blub in sympathy for the poor 

I'm always kind, polite and reasonable...

except when I'm not.

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