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[News] Microsoft Turns to Software Patents, Trolling as Last Resort?

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Microsoft fueling Intellectual Ventures, OpenOffice, and other conspiracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Of more concern was the TechFlash's news that Bill Gates, Craig Mundie, and 
| other top current and past Microsoft officials make a regular pilgrimage to 
| the patent troll, Intellectual Ventures, to feed it ideas which it turns into 
| patents. Regardless of what one thinks about patents, shouldn't Microsoft be 
| feeding itself with patents, not another company? In other words, shouldn't 
| it be the patent troll?     


Open source: The new patent regime

,----[ Quote ]
| Patents are short-term monopolies (20 years) designed to give inventors 
| sufficient time in which to recoup their R&D costs and turn a profit. Open 
| source turns the 20-year patent term into two years, if that. As a 
| relentless, ever-growing competitior, open source keeps the proprietary world 
| in check and on its toes to a degree that the industry has never before seen.    



Bill Gates, top Microsoft executives do some of their inventing on the side

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates and several of Microsoft’s top technologists are credited as
| inventors in eight newly disclosed U.S. patent applications. That isn’t a
| surprise. But here’s where it starts to get unusual: The applications weren’t
| made on Microsoft’s behalf.
| [...]
| Here's what we know: An entity called Searete LLC applied for the patents.
| Searete is part of Intellectual Ventures LLC, the Bellevue-based invention
| house run by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft’s former chief technology officer.
| Myhrvold’s company has stirred controversy with its large patent hoard.


Top Microsoft Execs Moonlighting For a Patent Bully

,----[ Quote ]
| "TechFlash reports that Microsoft bigwigs like Craig Mundie and Bill Gates
| (when he still worked there) have been secretly moonlighting at Intellectual
| Ventures (IV), the 'patent extortion fund' run by Bill's pal Nathan Myhrvold.
| A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that its technologists have been sitting in
| on IV-sponsored 'innovation sessions,' where their pearls of wisdom were
| captured and turned into patent applications for Searete, an IV shadow
| corporate entity. And if all goes well, Searete will soon enjoy exclusive
| rights to the fruit of the brainstorming, which includes processes ranging
| from determining and rewarding 'influencers' to treating malaria, HIV, TB,
| hepatitis, smallpox, and cancer."

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