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[News] Survey Shows Enterprises Moving to FOSS

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Enterprises eye open source and Web 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat and Ubuntu continued to lead in open source operating system usage, 
| while users continued to prefer evaluating on Windows and deploying on Linux.  


Alfresco study highlights business use of open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Alfresco found that, while nearly two-thirds of respondents said they 
| evaluated its software on Windows, 92 per cent do not use or intend to use 
| Silverlight. Eighty-six per cent do not use or intend to use .NET/Web Parts.  


Levolor leverages Talend to better manage floods of data

,----[ Quote ]
| "Everything is going very well," he says. "We right now have moved all but 
| one of our non-critical jobs over into Talend.... We're moving forward as 
| quickly as we can but carefully at the same time. Essentially we started with 
| some smaller jobs on Talend's job server to make sure we understood the 
| migration path and anything that we would run into.... We've gotten to the 
| point that we feel comfortable, everything's progressing forward. We feel 
| comfortable with that."      



Free But Unsecured

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a survey by CIO.com in April, 53% of respondents have actively
| deployed open-source applications within their organizations, and an
| additional 10% are looking to follow suit within the next year. Of those
| respondents who actively use open source, 62% believe Linux is ready for
| wide-scale use in mission-critical systems.


Why Open Source is hot now?

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software and solutions have a great opportunity to survive and
| benefit in this economy as they provide better returns for the companies that
| are looking to save huge licensing costs and greater availability of
| solutions and software that can be easily adopted.
| Open source software and solutions have matured over years and a bigger
| community to support them. There are several solutions from multiple vendors
| for business problems and substantially less expensive compared to commercial
| software from the proprietary software companies.

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