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[News] Many New FOSS Releases: ImpressCMS, AbilityNet, GroundWork Monitor

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ImpressCMS's Award-Winning Platform Receives An Upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| With the release of version 1.1 of its content management system in late 
| October, ImpressCMS has capped off an exciting year that would be the envy of 
| almost any open source project.  


AbilityNet Releasing Collection of Open Source Accessibility Tools

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK-based charity AbilityNet announced today that it has bundled a number 
| of open source tools to help people with a variety of disabilities more 
| effectively use their computers.  
| The bundled applications are available for £16.99 including VAT (to cover 
| costs of testing and distribution), and appear to be Windows only (though 
| it's difficult to root out system requirements). The included software is 
| designed to help those with a number of different needs, including dyslexia, 
| visual impairments, and some physical disabilities.    


GroundWork Announces GroundWork Monitor 5.3 Pre-Release for Open Source
Community Trial and Testing


OrecX Expands Open Source VoIP Call Recording Via New Open API, Speech
Analytics For Call Centers



Open-source innovation in a recession

,----[ Quote ]
| Nat Torkington over at O'Reilly suggests that a recession will be very kind
| to open source as companies seek to lower their IT costs while continuing to
| service business needs.


Hard Times: Open Source's New Big Test

,----[ Quote ]
| Grim financial times are not "ahead"; they're here, now. Belt-tightening and
| budget-butchering across the board are the order of the day. Now's the time
| for commercial vendors of open source to show what they're made of: if they
| can weather this, they can weather anything.


Open source is about belief in code

,----[ Quote ]
| After every collapse, under the open source principle, we start from a higher
| level. What looks in the proprietary world like rubble is, in an open source
| world, gold ore.
| This may sound like pollyanna to you now, but it’s important and, best of
| all, real. If your faith in Wall Street has been shaken, remember that in
| open source you’re not starting at ground zero but on a higher level of code.
| Open source was made for times like this. You don’t have to believe in it.
| Just use it.

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