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[News] Empowerment With GNU/Linux

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Level of Effort and Empowerment

,----[ Quote ]
| VMLMAT solves this culture clash by returning control of the individual Linux 
| VM's to the end user that "owns" them. It is not the exact same thing as 
| having a physical big red button, or the server tucked under the desk, but 
| via a standards compliant, any browser should work, web page they can 
| shutdown, restart, or rebuild their Linux to any version of Linux in the 
| repository. This is something like Vmware's VI Client, except that it adds 
| provisioning to the mix, and where Vmware has snapshots, VMLMAT has archives. 
| Not the same thing, though they can function in the same role more or less. 
| Now the Operators are focused on the things that need their physical 
| presence, the sysprogs are working on more technical things, such as putting 
| the latest version of Linux into the archive so that all can benefit from it.          
| Install once, run many (tm).
| And of course, the reboots are happening right when they are requested. 
| Everyone is much happier 



Hypervisor Visionary

,----[ Quote ]
| Benny Schnaider is a man who figures to have some influence in how
| competition in the virtualization market plays out. Schnaider is the CEO and
| co-founder of Sunnyvale, Ca.-based Qumranet Inc., which is the sponsor of the
| Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology. KVM is an open source
| alternative to the Xen hypervisor, which recently became an approved
| component of the Linux kernel.
| Endorsed by Red Hat Inc. and Canonical Ltd.'s Ubuntu -- as well as supported
| in hardware by Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and IBM Corp. -- KVM
| handles both Linux and Windows guest operating systems without preference.

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