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[News] Reviews of Google Gadgets and 64-bit on GNU/Linux

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[Geek Review] Google Gadgets for Linux: Eye-Candy or Useful?

,----[ Quote ]
| Released in June,  Google Gadgets for Linux provides about the same 
| functionality of Vista sidebar or Mac OS X dashboard. While other solutions 
| like ‘gdesklets’ are pretty popular within the linux crowd, Google’s’ 
| platform provides compatibility with both gadgets written for the Windows 
| version and the huge repository of web-centered gadgets (Universal Gadgets on 
| iGoogle). Let’s take it for a spin and see if it’s worth installing.     
| [...]
| While some may argue that screenlets, widgets and gadgets are a waste of 
| workspace and resources I have some good uses for them: 
|     * I keep 3 clocks with the West Coast/Central and East Coast time + 
|     London. This is extremely useful when publishing and calling overseas 
|     relatives.  
|     * Google Calendar tells me what classes I have to attend during the day; 
|     when are the articles due. 
|     * The battery meter gives a more clear look at the status so I don’t have 
|     to squint at the monitor. 
|     * Ah, and the plant is really cute.
|     Why is everyone obsessed with having the weather on their desktop? If I 
|     want to know today’s weather, I look out of the 
|     window.             -oobuntu  
|     * The weather widget helps me pick the right clothes for the day – by 
|     giving me the high and the low. 
| Different people have different uses – so I want to hear from you. Are
widgets useful?


Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 64 bit Review

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been running Ubuntu as my primary system since Dapper Drake. It is a 
| fast, stable, and easy to use operating system. I’ve tried many Linux 
| distributions and I find I have the least hardware problems with Ubuntu. 
| There are complaints that I have with it, but they are few. I also appreciate 
| their stance on free software. They run without a lot of the non-free drivers 
| and codecs, but if you want they make adding them easy through applications 
| like the Restricted Driver Manager and Plugin Finder. It is the compromise 
| that is the most inclusive of both views. You get a choice either way. With 
| the addition of programs like the Migration Assistant and Wubi, they also 
| have added tools that make the transition from Windows as easy as possible.         



Google Gadgets come to the Nokia Internet Tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| Although there is still much to be done before Google Gadgets can be used
| reliably on Maemo, this port looks like a pretty good start. Alhola intends
| to contribute her Maemo-compatibility improvements upstream with the hope
| that Google will accept them in the project. Developers who want to
| participate in the porting effort or install the pre-alpha build on their
| tablets can visit the new Google Gadgets for Maemo page that she has created
| at the Maemo Garage web site.


gOS Announces gOS 3 Gadgets -- the Newest Version of Its Linux OS With Google
Gadgets, WINE, and LXDE at LinuxWorld Expo

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS, the Linux OS known for its debut in the $199 Wal-Mart gPC and NetBooks,
| today announced the details of the newest version of its Linux operating
| system for consumers, called gOS 3 Gadgets.


Google Gadgets for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Gadgets for Linux are simple HTML and JavaScript applications that can
| be embedded in web pages and other applications. By all accounts, Gadget
| support for Linux was a major undertaking for the Google team as it is an
| entire platform for mini applications. You can check out the source code for
| it on Google's Gadget for Linux project page.


Proof of concept: Google Gadgets on Plasma

,----[ Quote ]
| Now this list was extended by a new set of widgets: the Google Gadgets. The
| following screenshot shows that Google Gadgets can be run on Plasma...


About Google gadgets on plasma

,----[ Quote ]
| I am a developer of google gadgets for linux (GGL). I've read your blog post
| about ggl. We are very interested in integrating GGL with plasma. Actually,
| we have written some code which can let Google gadgets running as plasmoids.
| These code implement a script engine and a package engine, almost as you
| described in your blog.
| After KDE's WoC integration, we decided to stop working on it till things
| calm down. Now the first beta of KDE 4.1 was just out. I think it's the
| right time to start it again. We'll make these code work again and then
| release it to public.
| We are looking forward to more cooperation with KDE's team.


Google Gadgets open-sourced for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has announced the official release of Desktop Gadgets for Linux and is
| distributing the source code under the open-source Apache software license.
| Although there are still bugs and the implementation is not yet entirely
| complete, it works well enough for day-to-day use.


A short preview of Google Gadgets for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With Google Gadgets, we get the best of both worlds: A solution backed by a
| big company with many Gadgets already out there and something that is open
| source. Additionally, it’s the only product right now working on all three
| major platforms, which might turn out as the feature that makes this the
| de-facto standard. A sign that Google is serious about this is the fact that
| you can build this against GTK, like I did, but also against Qt, so there is
| integration for KDE aswell.


Google Gadgets for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Since releasing Google Desktop for Linux, we've added almost all of our most
| requested features, like 64-bit support and the ability to search
| applications and documents. All except one major exception: Desktop Gadgets.
| Gadget support is not just a single feature, but rather an entire platform
| for miniature applications. It's a complex undertaking, but we're now putting
| the finishing touches on the product.

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