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[News] All Sub-notebooks Could Soon Boot GNU/Linux

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Splashtop moves into netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| The Splashtop instant-on Linux environment is included in the new Lenovo 
| IdeaPad S10e netbook, marking the product's first appearance in that form 
| factor. That news should come as no surprise, since netbooks' 
| ultra-portability is a natural match for Splashtop's instant-on.   
| [...]
| Splashtop is not the only possibility for achieving a fast-booting Linux 
| environment. At the Linux Plumbers' Conference in October, Arjan van de Ven 
| and Auke Kok demonstrated booting two heavily modified Linux systems in less 
| than five seconds -- including a Moblin system image on an Asus Eee PC 
| netbook.    



Linux boots in 2.97 seconds

,----[ Quote ]
| Japanese embedded Linux house Lineo has announced a quick-start technology
| that it claims can boot Linux in 2.97 seconds on a low-powered system. The
| technology appears similar to but much faster than Linux's
| existing "suspend-to-disk" capability.


Booting Debian in 14 seconds

,----[ Quote ]
| Many readers will have heard about Arjan van de Ven and Auke Kok's work to
| boot an ASUS Eee 901 in 5 seconds. Inspired by this work, and because I have
| the same laptop, I decided to try to reproduce their results. So far I have
| not come very close to their 5 seconds, but I have made some significant
| improvements compared to the default boot time for Debian on that machine;
| this article describes what I've done.

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